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What Are Dynaleo Cannabinol (CBN) Edibles?

EDMONTON, Alberta, Dec. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dynaleo Inc. (or the ‘Company’), Canada’s highest-capacity manufacturer of premium cannabis-infused soft chews, is proud to announce the introduction of new edible cannabis products infused with a minor cannabinoid, Cannabinol (‘CBN’), to adult-use recreational Canadian markets. Early research indicates that CBN may be effective as a sleep aid or sedative, in addition to other potential health benefits.

The first new soft chew is DynaDream CBN, the newest product line in the DynaWellness brand family, alongside Canada’s most popular CBD soft chew, DynaThrive CBD. DynaDream CBN Lemon Ginger 10:1 is a sleep-focused edible that offers the benefits of CBD and CBN together, with 20mg CBD and 2mg CBN in each piece. For customers comfortable with THC-infused edibles, Dynaleo’s Sunshower is launching CBN Blueberry Moon 2:1 with 2mg CBN and a light 1mg THC microdose in each piece.

“DynaDream CBN was designed to help people improve their bedtime routines in order to get the most out of the busy day that follows,” says Michael Krestell, Executive Chairman of Dynaleo Inc. “As a brand, Sunshower is the starting point for our customers’ great experiences. Sunshower is a companion on their cannabis journey. At bedtime, Sunshower is Mr. Sandman.”

The new CBN-infused products launch today in Alberta and are coming to Ontario in January 2022. These new CBN products will complement Dynaleo’s existing offering of premium soft chew brands, Sunshower, Pocket Fives, and DynaThrive CBD, in the adult-use recreation and wellness edibles markets, respectively. These new CBN-infused soft chews brings Dynaleo’s in-market SKU count to 13 products across 7 provinces and territories.

About Dynaleo

Dynaleo is an Edmonton, Alberta-based licensed processor that is focused on manufacturing cannabis-infused adult soft-chews. Dynaleo’s purpose-built manufacturing plant contains specialized production equipment to produce precisely dosed cannabinoid infused edibles for the Canadian market. Dynaleo’s mission is to create the finest infused soft chews that enable consumers to enjoy cannabinoids, without the negative health effects of inhalation. Learn more at www.dynaleo.com and follow progress on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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