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What Are COAST Hemp CBD Smokes?

DALLASNov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On October 26, 2021, COAST, a start-up organic CBD cigarette company offering sustainably grown hemp smokes, launched in the United States. COAST was formed by a unique team with backgrounds in sales and distribution for brands such as 7Eleven and Red Bull along with expert guidance from key players in both the Cannabis and Tobacco industries. COAST is one of the first to be vertically integrated and provide organically and sustainably grown hemp from California. As the highest quality CBD cigarette on the market, COAST proudly offers their customers the promise of organic hemp flower and a proprietary blend of CBD and CBG for the optimal experience.

COAST is unique in that its main ingredient is CBD, which has been proven to relieve pain, improve sleep and reduce stress without the psychotropic effects of THC products. CBD is also non addictive and contains zero harmful chemicals or carcinogens, but still fulfills that hand-to-mouth action and satisfying puff that many crave, which proves to be an excellent substitute for tobacco. Not only is COAST for the daily smoker, but also for non-smokers who want to enjoy the social aspect and the effects of a smoke without the negative impacts a traditional cigarette or psychoactive smoke may have.

“We recognize that smokers are ritualistic and habitual in their smoking behavior. That’s why we designed the most potent CBD pack on the market with the familiar form and function that tobacco cigarette smokers know well,” said COAST Founder Max. “Since nicotine is known to increase anxiety, replacing this habit with a potent CBD smoke actually calms and decreases anxiety, making the transition from tobacco to hemp far easier and guilt-free.”

COAST’s product line features two different blends of hemp cigarettes, both made with natural herb wraps and biodegradable filters. The CBD/CBG variety contains 20 rolls per pack and 100MG per roll, available in Original, Menthol and Zero THC. The CBD/Delta 8 blend contains 10 rolls per pack with 50MG of Delta-8 per roll, available in Berry, Pineapple and Cherry flavors.

Packs are available for purchase on COAST’s website at the competitive MSRP of $9.99 per pack. They are also available for wholesale purchase and tout 50%+ margins for retailers.

About COAST: Founded in 2019, COAST is a California-grown organic smokes company offering users a guilt-free smoke break alternative. COAST brings the highest quality handcrafted hemp blends to their customers. Created with sustainability and health in mind, COAST was created to enhance your lifestyle with the aim to provide all chill and no high. We hope to see you on the moon!

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