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What Are BLVK Label Cannabis Vapes?

TULSA, Okla.April 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BLVK officially enters the cannabis market with BLVK Label and its unique collection of disposable cannabis vapes.

Teaming up with MJHI Distribution, a vertically-integrated network that specializes in seed-to-sale manufacturing and multi-state distribution, BLVK’s legacy continues on, this time with a cannabis spin to its name, likeness, and attention-to-detail. Through this partnership, BLVK Label hits the ground running by immediately opening manufacturing and distribution to the state of Oklahoma, with further plans on expanding into CaliforniaArizona, and South Dakota in the coming months.

BLVK dominates the market as one of the top 5 e-liquid manufacturers worldwide. Their branding, assortment of products, and powerful marketing have helped grow the brand not just in terms of worldwide accessibility, but with a cult-like following both on and off social media. Their goal is simple: to provide adult smokers with a pleasurable vaping experience in a variety of nicotine strengths. With a mission as simple and concise as their products, one can only hope the same for their new cannabis operation.

BLVK Label enters the market with six flavors featuring indica, hybrid, and sativa strains. Instead of calling out these strain classifications, however, the brand adopts the categories Balanced, Chill, and Hype, akin to the type of effects the user will experience. Cooks Ahoy!, for example, lies in the Balanced category, crossing the strain GMO Cookies with Biscotti. The psychoactive high delivers a one-two punch of physical relaxation mixed with cerebral euphoria, effectively giving users a balanced high from beginning to end.

Much like their e-liquid, BLVK Label stands apart from the rest when it comes to their flavor-making abilities. While it’s not a new fad to add flavoring to distillate, BLVK Label goes above and beyond by adding complex flavor profiles to their products. Look at Cooks Ahoy again, you have dominant notes reminiscent of chocolate chip cookies that are finished with subtle notes of diesel and garlic, both of which are already present in the terpene makeup of the exotic strains used to create the flavor.

In addition to delivering premium flavors on the cannabis market, BLVK Label also advances the technological aspect of the industry with their use of forward-thinking disposable vape devices. Using ALD Vapor, an industry-standard in the hemp and Delta-8 markets, BLVK Label disposables are rechargeable, allowing users to enjoy their cannabis on their own time and not at the mercy of the device losing its charge. The device also boasts a proprietary ceramic coil, effectively retaining both vapor production and flavor to provide a virtually leak-free experience. Couple that with a half-gram of THC-rich, flavored distillate, and you’ve got yourself one amazing vaping experience.

With over five years of operation under their belt, a dedicated team that consistently pushes the company forward to new industries and ideas, and a knack for elevating the vaping experience regardless of the method, BLVK Label stands to follow in its parent company’s footsteps by becoming the hottest cannabis brand to enter the space. We look forward to their continued success in whichever state they look to dominate.

Looking to try these new disposables for yourself? Explore BLVK Label’s selection to discover flavors like Cooks Ahoy!, Hakuna Mimosa, Nana Split, Scoop’d, Suge Kush, and SunKissed.


Source: PRNewswire