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What Are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds? is a website that is dedicated to educating people about the healing power of medical marijuana. As cannabis legalization spreads throughout North America, more and more people are looking to get into the cultivation business. But for those new to the game, the prospect of growing weed can seem a little daunting. Fortunately, Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds has built a user-friendly site that walks new growers from seed to harvest.

The site was developed by Sim Woitovich, who was totally against cannabis and people who used it. Sim thought all the stereotypical things about marijuana users, such as they are lazy stoners, slow-minded, and eventually become dangerous criminals. What changed is that, like many people nowadays, Sim educated himself about the plant. Now he is sharing the lessons he learned about medical cannabis with the rest of the world. Sim says, “Our goal is to show your everyday person the truth about medical cannabis.”

Sim’s website is dedicated to a specific variety of cannabis seeds called autoflowers. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are becoming more and more popular with growers, and for a good reason. These unique seeds can flower automatically, regardless of the light cycle. This makes them an excellent choice for new and experienced growers alike, as they are easy to grow and don’t require a lot of care or attention. covers all aspects of marijuana growing so people can learn about different types of autoflower seeds and how to germinate them. There are guides that show precisely what to do during the vegetative period of the plant, which is when the plant only grows leafy and tall. And finally, there are guides to the flowering and harvest of the cannabis plant.

People who wish to purchase cannabis seeds can do so directly from the site. has a large variety of marijuana seeds available. Each cannabis strain has a detailed description so people can learn about which strain is best for them.

Choosing the correct cannabis strain can be tricky. There are many different types of cannabis plants, and they all have different effects when used. People who don’t know what strain to start with can choose a feminized cannabis seeds variety pack, which includes three different cannabis strains. is constantly posting new content on its site. People can expect to see one to two new articles per week. If a topic hasn’t been covered, there is a space to post questions and get immediate answers.

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