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What Are AB330 And AB660 LED Grow Lights?

CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AB Lighting – a U.S.-based premier LED grow light provider – today announces it will be unveiling its new LED grow lights, the AB330 and AB660, at Cultivate’22 from July 16-19 in Columbus, Ohio. Originally making quality grow lights for the cannabis industry, AB Lighting has expanded its capabilities by popular demand from customers to include lighting for agricultural practices.

Made for commercial vegetable growers, the AB330 and AB660 grow lights optimize power consumption for new greenhouse environments and as a 1:1 HPS replacement for greenhouse environments. Traditionally, greenhouses that are run on generated power need to be carefully monitored for power consumption. The AB330 and AB660 offer the maximum amount of light for the amount of power available to growers.

The AB330 and AB660 were designed to help vegetable growers reach higher yields by offering a lower wattage, full spectrum specifically designed for vegetables and continuous run times that vegetables need. Both lights feature the perfect combination of red and blue and can also be customized depending on grower needs. The full spectrum helps enhance the photosynthesis process and promotes the growth of vegetables. Additionally, the design of the AB330 and AB660 allows for ease and flexibility when it comes to installation.

Depending on the greenhouse environment, the AB330 has a PPF of 990 umol/s, 330W input power, standard 0-10V dimming and a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. For growers looking for more power, the AB660 has a PPF of 1980 umol/s, 660W input power, standard 0-10V dimming and a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.   Both models come with a five-year warranty.

“When it comes to greenhouse environments, growers will need quality grow lights that can stand up against the test of time,” said Mark Honeycutt, CEO of AB Lighting. “The AB330 and AB660 were designed with tier-one components to withstand moisture and heat – two of the main threats to grow lights. All of our grow light specifications have been validated by third-party testing, so we know growers are getting the best quality of lighting for their products.”

With about 70% of new grow lighting installations being LED, there is a high demand for quality lighting at a competitive price. AB Lighting’s grow lights produce more photosynthesis, use less power than alternative lighting and produce less heat – meaning they help growers grow more products faster and produce a higher quality of product for sales.

AB Lighting’s grow lights are backed by roughly 30 years of R&D, and the company works with a highly experienced manufacturer to bring the best performing grow lights to growers. AB Lighting’s grow lights are best-in-class products backed by third-party testing to help growers reach a higher yield.

Find AB Lighting at Cultivate’22, July 16-19, 2022, at booth #1547.

To purchase AB Lighting LED fixtures or to learn more about AB Lighting and its premium grow lights, visit www.ablighting.com.

Find photos of the products here.

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AB Lighting provides the best-in-class products when it comes to horticultural lighting. AB Lighting’s LED grow light fixtures are backed by science to help cannabis growers reach a higher yield for both indoor and greenhouse environments. Culminating over 30 years of research and development, 50+ tested spectrums, 100+ tested crops and 30+ fixture industrial designs, AB Lighting is bringing to market the best performing LED lights at the best value. For more information on AB Lighting, visit www.ablighting.com.

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