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Should You Use A Stable Mono-Silicic Acid In Your Cannabis Grow?

LOS ANGELESJan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Global Garden has partnered with Bionova Nutrients to distribute Silution, a Mono-Silicic Acid, that is the most stable and plant-available silica in the world. Stabilized using fulvic acid sourced from the highest quality mines on Earth, Silution has a two-year shelf life, is water soluble and 100% plant-available, meaning plants can easily absorb all the silica they need.

Using Silution when growing your cannabis allows them to develop strong stems that reduce or even eliminate the need to stake or trellis your plants. These stems can support even the largest flowers without additional support.

Christopher Sloper, one of the horticultural experts with Global Garden, even notes that in his experience, flower from Silution treated plants has a much longer shelf life- stating that, “I don’t like flower that is more than four or five months old. With Silution, it’s still good after nine months.”

Bionova’s Silution does not suffer the problems of other silica-based products. Silution will not alter the pH, unlike other products, which will increase your pH. Silution will not cloud your reservoir, leave residuals, or precipitate out of your solution when agitated or circulated.

Using Bionova’s Silution to introduce silica to your plants should be the first nutrient you use, even before calcium. Other nutrients will interact with silica in ways that prevent it from being absorbed.

Using Silution can be applied at all stages of growth including as a seed soak. The earlier the application the stronger your plants will be. Silica creates stronger cell walls that prevent pests and disease while strengthening the plant. It also increases the rate at which a plant undergoes cellular growth, especially in strengthening the stems and branches of your plants.

Plants treated with Silution are much less likely to be affected by stressors, including high heat, making it the ultimate insurance option for less-than-ideal conditions. Silica in the soil competes with heavy metals and will prevent your plants from taking up heavy metals and getting poisoned.

Bionova is exclusively distributed by Global Garden. Founded in 2014 by co-owners Jonathan Bayle and Chuck Lee, Global Garden prides itself on curating only high-quality, best-in-class products that offer efficient solutions to growers. Global Garden is uniquely positioned as a premier hydroponics industry wholesale supplier of the highest-value cultivation products, systems, and solutions.

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