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Is Love Pharma Listed On The Canadian Stock Exchange?

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Love Pharma Inc, a company specializing in alternative health products, is live on the market and the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE). This is a significant milestone for the company as investors can now have access to the company’s shares.

Love Pharma has disrupted the health industry with its new-age health and wellness markets by licensing and distributing the most sought-after cannabis-infused products and developing novel psychedelic products with proven intellectual property. Love Pharma is a holistic pharmaceutical company that holds exclusive licenses to produce, market, package, sell and distribute patent-protected pharmaceutical products.

As Love Pharma is focused on bringing psychedelic therapies and pharmaceutical alternatives to the market, its CBD-infused brands” Bloom” and “Auralief” are set to prosper. Meanwhile, the company is working on adding more patent-protected products in the pipeline.

Love Pharma’s CEO Zachary Stadnyk is widely experienced in successfully launching companies, which is a replica of his past success stories. He has strategically positioned the company to fill the growing demand in the global CBD and psychedelic markets, the “shroom boom” from a proven science-based approach. As part of its strategy, Love Pharma bought BC-based Kick Pharmaceuticals, which gave it exclusive rights and licenses to produce and sell six pharmaceutical and therapeutic products in Europe and North America.

Nutraceuticals are not only a buzz trend as many people in the market seek pharmaceutical-alternative solutions that can give them physiological health benefits. It is a fresh new idea in the pharmaceutical industry triggered by the increasing gap in mental health, especially in North America. That explains why products infused with CBD and THC are highly sought-after. Both Auralief and Bloom are infused with CBD/THC. Bloom is a topical gel that increases blood flow and sensitivity, while Auralief is a strip that enhances the effects of CBD and THC.

Love Pharma works to meet the trust of its users and thus deserves trust. Unlike other companies that only make products to meet demand, Love Pharma does clinical research to back up its products with clinical data. This will help you know the exact efficacy of the products. For instance, clinical data suggests that Auralief can increase the effectiveness and speed of CBD performance by 30%.

There is absolutely no doubt that the THC/CBD market is one of the fastest-growing markets. Fortune Business Insights suggests that the market is set to grow to $55.8 billion by 2028. The US is the biggest market for CBD as it accounts for over 50% of the total world CBD market.

Apart from the US market, the company is eyeing the global market. According to its CEO, they use different channels such as online shops, MLM, direct-to-consumer, and retail brick and mortar models.

To meet the psychedelic demand, Love Pharma is working on a biosynthetic psilocybin-infused strip. Psychedelic is an under-estimated market, and it is just a matter of time that it explodes. The market was valued at $3.8 billion and is growing at a CAGR of 13.3%.

Apart from capturing the psychedelic and CBD markets, the company is also working on intimate enhancement products, which are also on-demand. The products aim to deal with dysfunctions while giving circulation and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Other than the CSE, the company has a listing on the Frankfurt stock exchange, one of the largest trading facilities in Germany and the world.

Recently, the company announced the development of the muco-adhesive strip technology for Psilocybin delivery. Love Pharma is partnering with a US-based pharmaceutical company to ensure this. Psilocybin has increased popularity as it contains “magic mushrooms”, a psychoactive chemical. This is applied in mental health, especially when it comes to dealing with depression. Many studies have been conducted on psilocybin, and it is slowly gaining legitimacy in healthcare.

About Love Pharma Inc.

Love Pharma Inc. is an alternative health pharmaceutical company that focuses on psychedelics, nutraceuticals, and intimacy enhancement. The company was founded in 2020 with a mission to disrupt the pharmaceutical space by licensing and distributing psychedelic and hemp-infused products to improve the quality of everyday life. Love Pharma holds exclusive licenses to produce, market, package, sell and distribute patent-protected pharmaceutical products throughout Europe, North America, and the United Kingdom. Currently, the company is officially listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

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