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Is Hemp Experiencing Rising Institutional Investment Interest?

DALLASDec. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Puration, Inc. (USOTC: PURA) today highlighted the recent Bloomberg article reporting on the investment outlook for the hemp market in 2022.

Hemp Is Ready to Shine, Thanks to Plastic Bans and Carbon Caps

Article highlights include:

“Demand is poised to rise for hemp — the staid sister to the mood-altering forms of cannabis — as it’s increasingly adopted for a wide range of uses, including concrete blocks, clothing and even car parts. The shift is driven by environmental incentives such as carbon caps and single-use plastic bans, which are making some natural materials preferable to those made from petrochemicals.”

“Industrial hemp is the biggest opportunity in the cannabis sector as a whole,” said Mina Mishrikey, a partner at Merida Capital Partners.

PURA has established a new business model to build an industrial hemp business with three sources of revenue – education, branding and partnerships.

PURA recently announced signing its first Farmersville Hemp clients that will in turn contribute to the company’s 2022 revenue objectives.

The company has forecasted $1 million in revenue for 2022 with the potential for revenue to reach $10 million.

The initial $1 million in revenue forecasted for next year conservatively only encompasses revenue coming from its education line of business which is designed to ignite the revenue potential of the branding and partnership business lines.

Management indicates the branding and particularly the partnership lines of business also have a high potential of contributing revenue next year. Accordingly, management has indicated the possibility that the initial revenue forecast maybe revised upward more than once in the course of 2022.

PURA has engaged its first three Farmersville Hemp Brand customers. The customers announced today have signed up for PURA’s education services. The education services consist of a consultative curriculum customized for each client to design specific strategies for hemp to be incorporated into the client’s products and services to enhance their offering with more sustainable, durable and efficient products and services.

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