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Is Germany Planning On Legalizing Home Cannabis Cultivation?

BARCELONA, Spain , June 28, 2022  /PRNewswire/ — In a potentially game-changing development for the cannabis industry, the German government has confirmed its intention to legalize the sale of cannabis for recreational use within months coming.

The policy, first revealed as part of a commitment made by Chancellor Olaf Scholz ‘s recently formed coalition government, is expected to open the door to Europe ‘s largest legalized cannabis market .

This month’s exciting developments are sure to be a boost for Fasbuds, as the famed seed company is in the midst of planning for a legalized marijuana market in Germany. Already strongly established in Austria, the company will expand its activities in Germany in the coming months, with the ongoing implementation of a plan to find potential points of sale and develop distribution.

With up to 5% of the German population regularly consuming cannabis, the pending legislation opens up a potentially large and exciting new market for cannabis companies like  market leader Fast Buds in cannabis seed production.

With elite genetics that make growing at home easier than ever, the team at Fast Buds has been researching and experimenting with cannabis genetics for several years. The company’s selection of the most desirable phenotypes and most stable growth characteristics has resulted in an exceptional catalog of fast-growing autoflowering strains.

Beyond the greatly increased potential for growth and cooperation with stores and distributors, Fast Buds intends to significantly increase knowledge about home cultivation among German households. Already in discussions with a range of potential educational institutions, Fast Buds has accumulated years of experience and knowledge that has allowed it to build its own extensive online library, already available in over ten languages.

Going forward, Fastbuds intends to systematize its vast database of information while adding more detailed layers to the existing content. This will allow beginners and experienced growers alike to access the information they need with relative ease. Having already translated their entire website into German, and with the addition of a German helpdesk, Fast Buds is ready to serve an expanded German market.

By working closely with the German legal organization KFNPLUS, they will be able to systematically analyze all stages of current legislation. This partnership will allow Fast Buds to react quickly to rapid developments and to modify its internal policies according to future legislation, if necessary.

Fast Buds  has certainly established itself as a forerunner in the development of cannabis genetics, and as an expert company in the autoflowering seed market, the company is convinced that the future legalization of cannabis in Germany will allow a spectacular increase business opportunities while increasing interest in home growing.

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