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Is Cannabis Effective At Treating Borderline Personality Disorder?

London, United Kingdom: The use of cannabis products containing THC and CBD are safe and effective in mitigating symptoms in patients diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD), according to a case series reported in the journal Brain Sciences. Emotionally unstable personality disorder (a/k/a borderline personality disorder) is a common mental health disorder associated with a range of chronic and debilitating symptoms, including impaired social functioning, unstable mood, and risky, impulsive, or self-injurious behavior.

An international team of researchers assessed the use of cannabis products in a cohort of seven EUPD patients. Subjects consumed products containing both THC and CBD in varying ratios for one month.

Six of the seven participants reported “an improvement in symptoms,” and “none of the participants reported any adverse side effects.”

The study’s authors concluded: “To our knowledge, this case series represents the first medical evidence of the use of CBMPs [cannabis-based medicinal products] for the clinical management of patients with a diagnosis of EUPD. …  [O]ur results suggest that, when deployed in a rigorously controlled clinical environment, CBMPs can provide substantial improvement in symptoms associated with EUPD thus warranting the need for further research on this therapeutic strategy.”

Full text of the study, “Cannabis based medicinal products in the management of emotionally unstable personality disorder: A narrative review and case series,” appears in Brain Sciences.

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