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Is Cannabis A Safe And Effective Treatment For Migraine Headaches?

Fairfield, CA: The inhalation of cannabis flowers is effective and well-tolerated among patents with migraine, according to a systematic review of the literature published in the journal Cureus.

A team of researchers affiliated with the California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology reviewed nine recent studies involving over 5,600 subjects.

They reported: “All the studies showed encouraging findings on the therapeutic effects of medicinal marijuana in migraine treatment. Additionally, medical marijuana is well-tolerated with fewer side effects and is safe to use in migraine patients.”

Authors concluded: “The studies demonstrated that medical marijuana has a significant clinical response by reducing the length and frequency of migraines. No severe adverse effects were noted. Due to its effectiveness and convenience, medical marijuana therapy may be helpful for patients suffering from migraines.”

Survey data published earlier this year reported that an estimated one-third of patients suffering from headache disorders acknowledge using cannabis products for symptom management.

Full text of the study, “Efficacy and safety of medical marijuana in migraine headache: A systematic review,” appears in Cureus. Additional information on cannabis and migraine is available from NORML’s publication, Clinical Applications for Cannabis & Cannabinoids.