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How Many Texans Oppose The Ban On Delta-8 THC?

TUSTIN, Calif.Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A survey of 500 Texas residents who’d heard of delta-8 THC reveals that the overwhelming majority oppose the state’s ban. The survey from CBD Oracle, a cannabis consumer research company, found that 94% of respondents were in favor of legal delta-8 in some form, with 27% supporting medical use only and the remainder supporting recreational use.

Hot on the heels of the judge granting a temporary injunction on Hometown Hero’s case, the new survey underlines the lack of support the ban has from people in the state. It was implemented with thoroughly inadequate consultation with either the public or industry stakeholders, with a “public” hearing which took place on October 6th, 2020 having zero participants and lasting just six minutes. Hemp-derived delta-8 was technically banned in Texas from mid-January, but most people were not even aware of this fact until the DSHS updated their website on October 15th.

The survey from CBD Oracle also reveals that a third of people would use black market marijuana instead if the ban was upheld, and a sixth would switch to harder drugs. Of the respondents who’d already tried delta-8, around 43% would use black market marijuana instead and about 20% would switch to harder drugs.

Both younger people (Millennials aged 25 to 34) and men were more likely to say they’d switch to black market marijuana or other street drugs if the ban is upheld.

The opposition to the ban is bipartisan and spans the political spectrum. Democrats were generally a little more likely to support delta-8, with almost 70% supporting some form of personal use legalized system, compared to 61% of Republicans. However, only 5% of Democrats and 6.6% of Republicans supported the current outright ban. Republicans were just slightly more likely to limit their support to medical use.

Based on the survey, the ban appears to have little justification: neither Democrats nor Republicans support it and it would likely have unintended consequences. Lawmakers should ask themselves what “problem” they believe they’re solving by outlawing delta-8.

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