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How Many Americans Want Additional Regulations Placed On The Cannabis Industry?

Cambridge, MA: Most Americans reject the idea of placing additional regulatory restrictions upon the state-legal marijuana industry, according to nationwide polling data compiled by the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University.

Pollsters asked respondents their feelings on the degree of regulations currently placed upon a variety of existing industries, including sellers of cryptocurrencies, state-licensed marijuana producers, social media companies, coal manufacturers, and makers of electric vehicles.

Forty-five percent of respondents said that the marijuana industry should be less regulated than it is now. Twenty-two percent said that existing regulations were appropriate, and 33 percent opined for greater regulations.

By contrast, a majority of respondents said that they wanted additional regulations in place to protect consumers’ online privacy and imposed upon the cryptocurrency market.

Respondents were almost evenly split on the idea of whether government regulation, in general, either “stifles” economic innovation or growth or whether it helps to grow the economy in a more “equitable” manner.

Complete poll results are available from The Harvard CAPS / Harris Poll.

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