Glass Gravity Bong

How Do You Make A Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong is probably the most common do-it-yourself cannabis consumption device out there, or at least near the top of the list. Modified apples and pop can pipes are probably high on that list too (no pun intended).

If you have ever used a gravity bong then you know firsthand how hard they hit. If you have never tried a gravity bong before, you should consider taking the plunge.

For those that do not know what a gravity bong is, it’s essentially a bottle with the bottom cut off of it sitting in a bucket full of water. A bowl is affixed to the mouthpiece of the bottle, and when the person pulls up on the bottle while lighting the bowl, gravity helps create an enormous cloud of cannabis smoke.

Typically, people use two-liter soda bottles when they make a gravity bong, however, those are made of plastic, and smoking out of anything plastic is not recommended.

With the use of a glass cutter, which can be easily found online or at craft stores, people can make an all-glass gravity bong out of a couple of empty wine bottles. Below is a tutorial video on how to make an all-glass gravity bong via The Higher Things Club channel on YouTube: