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Does WayofLeaf.com Have An App?

SCOTTSDALE, ArizJan. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cannabis and alternative health megasite WayofLeaf.com has announced the release of a new mobile app that monitors and tracks various health vital signs before and after the use of specific cannabis products. The goal of the app, according to its creators, is to help establish a reliable database that accurately outlines the health effects of various cannabis strains and products.

Used in conjunction with an Apple Watch, users first select the cannabis strain or product (including CBD products) that they intend on using. Next, they begin a pre-monitoring session wherein the Apple Watch tracks various vital signs like heart rate (BPM) and heart rhythm. These vital signs are monitored again roughly one hour after using the strain or product, in order to outline a specific strain’s effects on things like stress, anxiety, sleep quality, etc.

The app is believed to be the first of its kind in the industry, and could potentially revolutionize the way people use medical and recreational cannabis.

“Cannabis use and regulation has grown by leaps and bounds over the decades,” says WayofLeaf correspondent Dylan Baker. “Still, we’re severely lacking in terms of our knowledge and ability to use strains and products to achieve a specific set of health outcomes.”

In addition to tracking vital signs such as BPM and heart rhythm, the WayofLeaf App also allows users to leave detailed notes on the effects of a certain strain or product, which they can then store and go back to later at a later date for reference.

“For years the effects of various cannabis strains have been mostly word of mouth,” says Baker. “With this app, we will start to collect reliable, authentic data that outlines the effectiveness – or lack thereof – of cannabis strains and products for specific health uses.”

In addition to marijuana strains, users can select and monitor the effects of a variety of other cannabis products. The app, which is available for free download on the Apple iStore, also contains full access to WayofLeaf article content, as well as access to medical marijuana doctors in states where medical cannabis is legal. To learn more, readers can visit www.WayofLeaf.com.

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