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Does Topical CBD Help Elite Athletes?

Shreveport, LA: The twice-daily use of topical CBD is well-tolerated and alleviates chronic pain in former elite-level (professional) athletes, according to observational data published in the Journal of Cannabis Research.

Researchers with Louisiana State University assessed the safety and efficacy of a proprietary topical CBD product in a cohort of former athletes suffering from chronic pain. Study subjects took 10mg of CBD twice daily via a controlled dispenser for six weeks.

Patients reported significant decreases in pain and improvements in their quality of life during the course of the study. CBD treatment was well-tolerated and only minor adverse effects (e.g., skin dryness) were reported.

Authors concluded: “To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study testing the efficacy of CBD treatment on elite athletes. … The current findings support the continued development of topical CBD with all participants reporting relief from pain and almost all participants seeing a decrease in disability related to pain during the 6-week study period.”

Prior studies assessing the efficacy of topical CBD treatment have reported that it can mitigate arthritic pain and stimulate wound healing. The topical application of cannabinoids, and of CBD in particular, has also demonstrated benefits in the treatment of a variety of skin-related conditions, including psoriasiserythemapruritus, and acne.

Full text of the study, “Topical cannabidiol is well tolerated in individuals with a history of elite physical performance and chronic lower extremity pain,” appears in the Journal of Cannabis Research. Additional information on the use of cannabinoids for pain management is available from NORML’s publicationClinical Applications for Cannabis and Cannabinoids.

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