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Does Sisters Of The Valley Mexico Have An E-Commerce Store?

Merced, California, Jan. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After many years of planning and training, the Sisters of the Valley Mexico have opened an online store and begun commerce.  All operations are currently in Tijuana.

The products on their store are all made by hand, by the Sisters of Mexico (Hermanas de la Valle).  Sister Camilla and Sister Luna, the first Sisters of Mexico, took their vows on the farm in California in the summer of 2018.

Since before joining the Sisterhood, Camilla and Luna have been very active with the cannabis reform clubs in Mexico.  The pair continue to host classes on salve-making and the making of pure plant oil.

Sister Kate said, “For years, now, the Mexico sisters have been a steady presence on our farm in California, as they took turns learning every aspect of the business and earning all the badges required to go forward.   It is really exciting to see Sister Camilla’s team come together to operate their own store. And even though they can’t sell the CBD product line in Mexico, yet, they will be soon enough and in the meantime, our main store in California ships to Mexico.  The point is, we now have a team of Sisters who are all fully bilingual and can offer language-friendly support to our growing international Spanish-speaking base.”

The Sisters of Mexico make, stock and ship mushroom coffee, incense, sage, soap, and other items hand-made by the enclave in Mexico.  CBD products, for now, will have to continue to be sold and shipped into Mexico from the enclave in California.  However, the Sisters of Mexico are working with their lawyers and have a clear legal path toward emulating the operations of their Sisters in California.  Offering CBD products handmade by the women of Mexico, from plant grown on the land of Mexico, for the people of Mexico — is just a matter of time.

Source: Globenewswire