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Does Sisters Of The Valley Have An ETSY Store?

Merced, California, Dec. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After Five Years Away, the Sisters of the Valley Return to ETSY

The Sister’s ETSY store goes live today.  After a nearly five-year separation between the Sisters of the Valley and ETSY, they are back together again.

When the sisters moved off of ETSY in March of 2016, they had only a small line of CBD products.  Today, they have a wide range of products, many of which have no CBD and therefore, are not subject to international shipping restrictions.

“ETSY is one of those things that’s expensive, but worth it.” Sister Kate explains.  “The cost of processing a transaction is higher by a factor of fifty percent over our own store, but the worldwide reach, that particular audience, is great for businesses like ours.”

Until recently, the sisters were satisfied running one store, but with increasing regulations on the shipments of CBD into certain countries, combined with the fact that the sisters have expanded their product line beyond CBD, means there is a risk that all their products could be restricted, just because some of them have CBD.  Opening an ETSY store with no CBD products means no restrictions on worldwide shipping and the sisters have faith that one day, very soon, even ETSY will sell CBD (and CBG and the other healthy compounds of the cannabis plant).

In the meantime, the Sisters have stocked five sections of their store, which you can find by typing ‘sistersofthevalleyus’ in their search engine:

Soaps and sprays

Patches and Pins (that recognize excellence in business and agriculture)

Miniatures (recycled barbie weed-nuns and paraphernalia, the sisters’ craft-yurt hobby)

Books & Calendars (the Accidental Nun is out and the Book of the New Beguines coming by winter solstice)

Sage bundles, sweetgrass and palo santo sticks

The featured item of the store, of course, is the sisters new mushroom coffee and that product is more in line with the main focus of the sisterhood, natural healing.

When three months into lockdown, a sister (an ex-catholic nun) stole a car and ran away, it was time for the sisters to study functional mushrooms and their effects on mood stabilization.  That led them to launching their 17-ingredient mushroom coffee.  The sisters developed their mushroom coffee deliberately without CBD as they were already experiencing troubles shipping their CBD products worldwide. (the primary store) and now, ETSY:  sistersofthevalleyus

Source: Globenewswire