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Does SC Labs Test Hemp Nationwide?

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Aug. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SC Labs today announced it has rebranded Agricor, Botanacor, and Can-Lab to become one company under the SC Labs name. The company now offers seamless testing services for cannabis across California, Michigan, Oregon, and Colorado, as well as hemp testing capabilities nationwide. This represents the first stage of expansion that will deliver significant value to multi-state cannabis operators and large wellness brands in need of streamlined and accurate testing across state lines.

“We aim to be the new standard in the testing of cannabis and hemp products,” according to SC Labs CEO Jeff Journey. “Our primary objective is to be the platform that embodies safety in cannabis through innovative solutions, method development, integrity in reporting, and through advocacy for sensible regulations on behalf of the industry and consumers.”

SC Labs has long been recognized for its expertise and analysis of cannabis chemometric profiles that illustrate the role of terpenes in high quality cannabis. “We want to expand on that knowledge and continue to lead the industry away from high THC levels towards a more comprehensive evaluation of the quality in cannabis, including terpenes and other compounds,” said Chief Innovation Officer Jeff Gray. “With hundreds of thousands of cannabis chemotypes analyzed, we’re able to deliver client data that provides insights and tools for chemometric classification and product development. Inevitably, this drives product development and greater value for brands and consumers.”

SC Labs customers will gain benefits with access to the most comprehensive industry-forward testing solutions in North America. Multi-state operators (MSOs) and national hemp brands will have the simplicity of consolidating testing from a single source across multiple facilities, all with a single branded COA. With a centralized technical service and regulatory team, companies will have greater control over their product lines with a consolidated team working on one data set across their product portfolio.

About SC Labs
The company is the largest multi-state laboratory bringing together four of the industry’s most reputable testing labs. SC Labs, founded in 2010, is one of the cannabis industry’s oldest licensed testing labs and the first to develop a national hemp testing panel. Botanacor Laboratories, founded in 2014, is the leading third-party testing platform for hemp-derived products and was the first lab in the country to receive CDPHE and ASTM’s CANNQ/HEMPQ certifications. Agricor Laboratories, also founded in 2014, leads the Colorado market and Can-Lab, founded 2019, leads the Michigan market in cannabis testing solutions. The company is licensed and accredited in California, Oregon, and Colorado, and Michigan.

Source: Globenewswire