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Does Mike Tyson’s Premium Cannabis Brand Support Social Justice Initiatives?

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif.Oct. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TYSON 2.0 (“the Company”), legendary boxer, entrepreneur, and advocate Mike Tyson’s cannabis company, in collaboration with dompen™ today announced the launch of limited edition all-in-one vape pens and one-of-a-kind designer apparel and art. Sale proceeds will go to #breathewithme’s non-profit partner New Earth Life, an organization dedicated to transforming juvenile detention centers through poetry, art, and music mentorship.

This groundbreaking collaboration between dompen™, leading producers of disposable cannabis vaporizers, cartridges, and premium resin strains, and #breathewithme, an organization creating racial justice solutions through policy, further solidifies TYSON 2.0’s commitment to serving social justice initiatives and supporting youth education programs in underserved communities.

“We are privileged to work with dompen™ and #breathewithme, both of which share similar values with TYSON 2.0,” said Adam Wilks, Chief Executive Officer of TYSON 2.0. “As a cannabis industry leader, we are dedicated to supporting social justice initiatives that benefit youth and communities affected by the war on drugs. We look forward to assisting future generations’ development, inspiring other cannabis brands to go beyond performative measures, and building on the values of social equity and inclusion that TYSON 2.0 has always represented.”

Included in the launch are .5-gram all-in-one vape pens in Intergalactic Toad (Indica), Sonoran Toad (Hybrid), and Lemon Pie (Sativa) strains which are currently available at over 40 retailers across California. #breathewithme’s non-profit partner, New Earth Life will receive 40% of the proceeds from vape sales.

In addition to the sale proceeds from the all-in-one vapes, dompen™ and TYSON 2.0 are launching a sweepstakes of two unique gift boxes, with an approximate retail value of $4,500 in which 100% of the sale proceeds will go to #BreatheWithMe’s non-profit partner New Earth Life, an organization dedicated to transforming juvenile detention centers through poetry, art, and music mentorship. The first gift box will feature a custom one-of-a-kind tracksuit signed by Mike Tyson and designed by ThreadHaus, an LA-based apparel brand. The second gift box will include a Mike Tyson-inspired and signed art print created by Showzart, an LA-based artist. Contestants may enter for a chance to win a gift box by making a donation or submitting a free entry form through the sweepstakes website: TYSON 2.0 x dompen™ x #breathewithme sweepstakes.

“We are excited to partner with TYSON 2.0 and #breathewithme to drive awareness to the racial and social justice issues many people of color face today. Mike Tyson and his team continue to inspire social change by destigmatizing cannabis use through wider access, and we’re honored to have them as partners on this mission-aligning initiative,” shared Ben Catt, President and COO of dompen™.

“#breathewithme is truly honored to partner with dompen™ and TYSON 2.0 around the issues of racial, social, and economic justice. We will use this as an opportunity to raise awareness and funds to continue our efforts to dismantle racist systems that have historically marginalized and dehumanized Black people in America. This is a bold step for TYSON 2.0, moving beyond the hashtags and performative gestures of solidarity and getting to the real action with substantive change. Mike Tyson is the People’s Champ, and this is the People’s fight,” said Willie “Prophet” Stiggers, Co-founder #breathewithme and CEO/ Co-founder of BMAC.

TYSON 2.0, launched in October 2021, brings innovative, high-quality Tyson-branded cannabis products known for purity, precision, and widespread accessibility to fans and consumers nationwide. The Company, Co-founded by Mike Tyson as Chief Brand Officer and Chad Bronstein as Co-Founder, Chairman, and President, and led by Adam Wilks, Chief Executive Officer, partners with world-class cannabis retailers and leading multi-state operators to provide a suite of products designed to reach consumers in legal markets. TYSON 2.0 products are available in dispensaries and retail locations in 24 states and select provinces across Canada.

For more information on TYSON 2.0, visit Tyson20.com. TYSON 2.0 branded merchandise is available for purchase at shoptyson20.com. Consumers looking to shop recently launched TYSON 2.0 hemp-based cannabis products featuring CBD, Delta 8 and Delta 9 can shop online at Tyson20global.com.

About TYSON 2.0
TYSON 2.0 is a premier cannabis company formed with legendary boxer, entrepreneur and icon Mike Tyson. The company’s mission is to produce innovative, high-quality cannabis products known for purity, precision, and wide accessibility. Providing consumers an outstanding selection of products, TYSON 2.0 is an extraordinary balance of premium and affordable, full-spectrum cannabis flower, concentrates and consumables available at retailers nationwide. Learn more at Tyson20.com.

About dompen™
In 2015, dompen™ was founded with a mission to destigmatize cannabis. We are committed to building a transparent and reliable brand that offers the most flavorful and highest quality vape products on the market. Our goal is to provide safe and effective access to as many patients as possible. Since the company’s launch, the dompen team and product line has expanded and partnerships have been built with over 1000+ licensed retailers across North America. dompen™ plans to continue to release innovative cannabis products, with a focus on new cannabinoids and better vaporization hardware. To learn more, visit https://www.dompen.co/.

The #Breathewithme Revolution is a movement to enlist all allies in racial justice. With a mission to turn protest into policy, and a commitment to supporting community racial justice organizations, #Breathewithme aims to build a movement that leads to a truth, racial healing and transformation commission (TRHT) – 300+ organizations and faith leaders officially endorsing the formation of a truth commission. To learn more, visit https://breathewithmerevolution.org/.


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