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Does Maggie’s Farm Dispensaries Have “Wellness Wednesdays”?

Colorado’s original all-natural craft cannabis dispensary, Maggie’s Farm, is partnering with local Colorado-based practitioners and organizations to introduce a new monthly health and wellness driven event for its guests. The re-occurring event, “Wellness Wednesday” debuts at all Maggie’s Farm locations on Feb. 9 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will be held on the second Wednesday of every month through the end of the year.

The event features a collective of local organizations that encompass health and wellness in a variety of industries including organic food farmers, massage therapists, glass blowers and more. Each month, new vendors will be featured at the event.

Local practitioners and small businesses attending the Feb. 9 event include:

    • Maggie’s Farm Medical Flower (Everywhere) – Sun-grown, pesticide-free pre-rolls. Available in 1g single servings in over 40 different strains.


    • Luna Float Spa (Manitou Springs) – Wellness Day spa offering flotation therapy, infrared saunas (dry heat), halotherapy, massage therapy and energy work.


    • Springs Spirituality (Colorado Springs North) – Handmade wellness goods such as healing crystals, teas, and smoking blends.


    • Bear Earth Essentials (Pueblo East) – Naturally and sustainably made candles, bath salts, and hemp jewelry.


  • Pure Blaze Pre-Rolls (Everywhere) – Clean, full-flower pre-rolls available in a variety of weights and multipacks.

“We are very excited to be partnering with a wide variety of local vendors for this new event,” said Sharon Montanez, VP of Sales at Maggie’s Farm. “We love connecting with and supporting like-minded small businesses in our communities who focus on clean and natural products or lifestyles. Our community’s health and wellbeing is important to us, and we hope our guests can discover new businesses and resources through this event.”

The new event comes on the heels of a new high-quality, organic product launch — Pure Blaze Pre-Rolls, organic, pesticide-free pre-rolled joints made with premium outdoor bud available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. As a single-use product available in multi-packs, two-packs, and singles, these pre-rolls don’t require users to share spit or snuff it out unfinished, making them perfect for individual use or a socially distanced outdoor gathering.

Maggie’s Farm continues its commitment to provide guests with high-quality, clean and natural cannabis products. Now, with the addition of the monthly Wellness Wednesday event, Maggie’s Farm is providing guests with local health and wellness resources beyond cannabis. For upcoming information about Wellness Wednesday’s, please go to

About Maggie’s Farm
Maggie’s Farm is Colorado’s number one source of farm-to-bowl, pesticide-free recreational and medicinal marijuana. Their flower is grown outdoors, slow-cured and hand-trimmed, with no added growth hormones. In recognition of their premium products, Maggie’s Farm is Clean Green Certified® by the USDA. Maggie’s Farm dispensaries are in eight different locations across Colorado: Canon City, Colorado Springs North, Colorado Springs South, Las Animas, Manitou Springs, Pueblo East, Pueblo North, and Pueblo West. To find out more information about Maggie’s Farm and Wellness Wednesday’s, visit

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