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Does Grow Glide Have An Agricultural Vertical Called AG Glide?

RIVERSIDE, Calif.June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Grow Glide, the industry leader in vertical, mobile cannabis cultivation solutions, announced a new business vertical: AG Glide. AG Glide will provide vertical racking, tables, workflow and airflow solutions immediately, tailored to the general horticultural market.

The move to agriculture comes as the parent company, Grow Glide 20x-ed their business from 2020 to 2021, pivoted to Europe and increasingly received requests from leading horticultural farming companies.

AG Glide CEO, Travis Schwartz, remarked, “AG Glide has been a long time coming. Internally, we’ve known since inception that our proven and tested modular cannabis solutions would easily translate into the general horticultural industry and we’re thrilled to enter this market with customized, innovative solutions that will make a meaningful difference for cultivator ROI.”

AG Glide President Darin Siples added, “Talking and interacting with large companies in the space and getting hands on at their facilities encouraged me to create AG Glide. Grow Glide revolutionized the world of vertical cultivation in cannabis and I cannot wait to help hundreds of growers across the world, save space, save water and deliver ROI.”

About AG Glide

Growers know best. Whether you’ve been cultivating for decades or are joining us on the cutting edge of indoor horticulture, AG Glide supports growers. Our vertical farming technology can be customized to fit your needs and fuel your indoor, vertical farm.

Our best-in-class racks and horticulture tables come in different configurations to support your best practices. Cultivation teams can work with peace of mind, utilizing our Grow Decks for safe access at any height. And our AirGlide delivers consistent, customizable airflow ensuring your plants are always in an optimal environment.

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