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Does Frost Exotic Cannabis Offer Delivery?

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Denver’s new premier cannabis dispensary Frost Exotic Cannabis, formerly known as Diego Pellicer – Colorado, today announced it is now offering a wide selection of its cannabis products via delivery through its website and social equity partner GRN Bus.

A wide variety of premium Frost Exotic Cannabis menu items are available for delivery within Denver County, with convenient online ordering. Once the selection has been made, the customer chooses either cash or debit payment to be collected at the time of delivery.

When ordering via delivery, customers can expect the order to arrive in approximately two hours. The normal delivery fees totalling $18 are discounted to $1 through the end of the year.

“Many of our customers depend on delivery to have convenient access to safe, premium-quality cannabis products,” said Neil Demers, CEO of Frost Exotic Cannabis. “Providing delivery to Denver was a logical next step in our customer service journey and we look forward to expanding delivery service to other areas as regulations allow.”

In preparation for offering delivery service, Frost Exotic Cannabis created a strategic plan to ensure total compliance. All staff, including GRN Bus delivery drivers, must complete a Responsible Vendor Training course and internal compliance audits in order to conduct delivery transactions.

The current delivery range includes residences with a Denver address; per law, non-residential addresses such as a business or hotel are excluded. Frost Exotic Cannabis plans to expand delivery service to Aurora in early 2022. To order online please visit

About Frost Exotic Cannabis (Formerly Known as Diego Pellicer, Colorado)

Cannabis Business Awards (CBA) Globe recipients and team have transformed their Diego Pellicer – Colorado location into Frost Exotic Cannabis to celebrate the launch of high-end cannabis delivery in Denver. The Frost Exotic Cannabis popup continues to marry world class customer service with premium products and hand selected flower of the highest quality, while surprising and delighting guests with Frosty collaborations, unique strains, exclusive releases and special events. Building on the experience that garnered a CBA for Best Dispensary/Center – Medical or Recreational, Frost Exotic Cannabis’ storefront and delivery now expand on what CBA voters called, “the best place to buy high-quality well-stocked products, with the best experience, and engage with educated and friendly staff.” All of the local brands, products and exotic strains formerly housed at Diego Pellicer – Colorado will be featured in the Frost Exotic Cannabis popup and are now available for delivery in Denver. Click here to learn more about Frost Exotic Cannabis and get updates on special events and discounts.


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