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Does EXMT Have A CBD Beverage Division?

CARSON CITY, NV, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire – Anything Technologies Media, Inc. (Alternative Wellness Health) (OTC:EXMT), announced today that June 1, 2022 is the official roll-out for Amethyst Beverage Branded CBD and Cannabis Water.

The Cannabis market is not the same as it was in the 60s. It is grown for flavor, pain relief, with different strains providing different benefits. Those positive attributes have been enhanced. The CBD product is non-psychoactive but touted for its health benefits. The Delta9 beverage has all the benefits of THC but not the downside of vaping or smoking.

“For Amethyst beverages we have also added Fulvic Acid, Aloe Vera and 72 ionic minerals due to research on the great benefits they provide. Our beverages are expected to be some of the healthiest products to hit the CBD and Delta9 markets in a very long time. The Delta9 HDI product was designed to be a micro-dose for that brief 3-hour enjoyment without feeling overly affected,” stated Jeff Flasco, Director of the Beverage Division.

After exhaustive focus group taste testing, Orange Mango emerged as the number one flagship flavor. Orange Mango is spectacular! In our two beverage categories, you’ll find the Orange Mango flavor to be the perfect complement to both the CBD and Delta9 HDI Amethyst beverages. We expect that the public will love these thirst quenching, great tasting, unique waters.

We’ve entered into agreements for our beverage production and this will take place the last two months of Q2 2022. We are finalizing our distributor agreements and when completed we will announce them accordingly. We have a few great surprises regarding our categories and look forward to releasing them in June 2022.

In order to assist with our growth, we are pleased to announce the hiring of Shane Leupold to manage our social media platforms. Shane works with several celebrities & Influencers managing their social presence, as well as teaching and educating via live seminars in his hometown of Boise, Idaho. His precision marketing and algorithms will aid in the growth & quick success.

“I am looking forward to expanding the awareness of Amethyst Beverage to the consumers in order to assist the retailers in having those bottles fly off the shelves!” beams Shane Leupold. “My goal will be to grow the brand, grow the awareness and ultimately grow the sales!”

Rick Wilson, President of EXMT, states, “We have tested our flavors of Delta9 HDI Water, as well as CBD Water, and are thrilled what this will bring to the market. We’re very proud of our beverage division and excited to provide recurring revenue models.”

About Alternative Wellness Health, Inc.

Anything Technologies Media, Inc. (Alternative Wellness Health) (EXMT) is a manufacturing and marketing company involved in the sales and marketing of CBD Health products and software applications. ATM is the parent company of subsidiary Corporations and is focused on partnerships and acquisitions in new technologies and manufacturing sectors. The company and partners each have their own professional management team with extensive backgrounds in finance, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. ATM’s goal is to combine the expertise of our team members to create a cohesive force, which will carry the company forward in the marketplace.

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