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Does Dutchie Offer Insurance?

BEND, Ore.Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dutchie — the technology platform powering cannabis commerce — today announced the launch of Dutchie Insurance, a new full-service insurance offering designed to meet the needs of the cannabis industry by offering all-encompassing protection at the lowest prices. The new insurance offering from Dutchie provides a crucial service and better protection for any stakeholder in the cannabis supply chain, in every legal market across the United States.

“Cannabis businesses need appropriate insurance coverage that gives them peace-of-mind and confidence that their businesses will be protected no matter what,” said Mauricio Comi, head of insurance at Dutchie. “Dutchie Insurance builds on our mission to help create safe and easy access to cannabis by ensuring the industry is supported and in a position to reach its full potential.”

As of 2020, only six insurance carriers offered cannabis coverage. With limited supply of coverage options, prices are often higher and coverage can be inferior. Further, a patchwork of regulations creates confusion and barriers to justly insuring dispensaries, leaving businesses frustrated at the amount of time and resources needed to find a good insurance plan. Dutchie Insurance is a response to fragmented insurance providers who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the cannabis industry and unable to offer dispensaries reliable, affordable coverage and rates. Existing cannabis insurance offerings are limited, and the process to get insurance can be long and convoluted.

Tackling this issue head on, Dutchie’s team uses data to identify gaps in insurance and ensure any cannabis business has the right coverage at all times, even as businesses change and grow. Dutchie partners with the leading insurance carriers to provide a dedicated account manager who negotiates and secures the best coverage plan for the best price. The service offers plans that cover and protect everything for a cannabis business, including property, physical products, lawsuits, and more.

The launch of Dutchie Insurance follows on the heels of both Dutchie POS and Dutchie Pay. Dutchie Insurance signals the company’s evolution to serving customers throughout the entire cannabis supply chain from seed to sale. To learn more about Dutchie, visit:

About Dutchie:

Dutchie is the cannabis technology platform powering cannabis commerce, streamlining dispensary operations, and providing safe and easy access for consumers. Powering over 5,500 dispensaries throughout the U.S. and Canada and facilitating over $14 billion in sales annually, Dutchie is a one-stop-shop, providing solutions for point of sale, ecommerce, seamless payments, and more.

Dutchie aims to open minds to the positive societal change that cannabis brings to the world. Dutchie’s solutions directly serve dispensaries and consumers alike, garnering recognition as one of Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Companies in North America and LinkedIn’s Top 50 Startups for two-years running. To learn more, please visit:

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