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Does CBD Show Anti-Bacterial Activity Against Salmonella?

Montgomery, AL: Whole-plant CBD extracts exhibit anti-bacterial activity against various species of salmonella, according to preclinical data published in the journal Molecules. Salmonella species are among the most common and prevalent foodborne pathogens worldwide.

A team of scientists affiliated with Alabama State University assessed the efficacy of CBD as an anti-bacterial agent against salmonella newington and salmonella typhimurium.

Researchers determined that CBD extracts inhibited salmonella bacteria cell growth in culture in a manner similar to that of the conventional antibiotic ampicillin.

They reported: “Salmonella infections are typically treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics such as ampicillin; however, the development of resistance to these treatments has become more prevalent, thus increasing the need for alternative treatments. … These experiments confirmed that CBD has antibacterial activity against our target bacteria. Additionally, our comparative studies showed that CBD has antibacterial activity similar to ampicillin. … These results posed the question of CBD–antibiotic co-therapy as a potential novel application.”

They concluded: “Discovery and development of novel antibacterial agents such as CBD are a major step towards the future of therapeutics in a world where antibiotics are no longer efficacious and cost effective. …. This study further progresses our current knowledge on the effectiveness of CBD as an antibacterial agent and demonstrates the effectiveness of CBD against Gram-negative bacteria, S. typhimurium and S. newington. … While this study illuminates the potential of CBD as a therapeutic and fills a void in the current literature, future work is necessary for further development of this bioactive compound as a therapeutic agent.”

Initial acknowledgements in the scientific literature of cannabinoids’ antibacterial properties date back over six decades. More recently, preclinical studies have demonstrated that cannabinoids can inhibit the spread of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (a/k/a MRSA), malaria, and certain forms of dental bacteria.

Full text of the study, “Cannabis sativa CBD extract shows promising antibacterial activity against salmonella typhimurium and salmonella newington,” appears in Molecules. Additional information regarding the antibacterial properties of cannabinoids is available from NORML.

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