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Does Cantourage Offer Dried Flower Medical Cannabis Products?

BERLINNov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — European medical cannabis company Cantourage will from today be making Relecan, a new brand of medical cannabis dried flowers, available in Germany. The Portuguese-grown product, which can be prescribed to patients suffering from chronic pain, seizures and various other conditions, is now available in pharmacies throughout Germany.

Cantourage has signed a supply agreement with MHI Cultivo Medicinal, the Portuguese subsidiary of international pharmaceutical company MediCane Health Inc. MHI Cultivo Medicinal grows the flowers in its Alto Alentejo-based greenhouses.

Cantourage will use its fast track access platform to provide Relecan to pharmacies in Germany. The partnership reflects a convergence of two respective leaders in cultivation and manufacturing that will benefit patients. Of particular note is Cantourage’s unique process to reduce the microbiological load of the product which avoids the ionizing radiation used by most other cannabis companies and which is a perfect fit with MediCane’s technological leadership in cultivation.

Relecan flowers are grown by MHI Cultivo Medicinal’s specialist agronomists, who have drawn on the cannabis cultivation techniques developed over more than a decade by MediCane’s experts in Israel. The country has a long track record of medical cannabis expertise, with Israeli scientists having conducted research into the medical applications of cannabis for more than five decades. The new Relecan product is particularly high quality and distinctive for three reasons.

  • Climate conditions in Portugal are considered the most favourable in Europe for medical cannabis in terms of temperature and humidity levels throughout all four seasons.
  • The flowers are protected during cultivation using Canna-Wave, a radio frequency technology that was integrated into the cannabis pest management practice (IPM). Canna-Wave innovative technology eliminates the use of pesticides and its resulting contaminants, as commonly applied by other cultivators in Europe, while ensuring that the key characteristics of the plant remain pure.
  • Cantourage treats the product with its unique microbiological reduction process, which allows the reduction of microbiological load without the use of irradiation, enhancing the product quality without the need for additional regulatory steps. This accelerates the production and delivery timeline further.

Philip Schetter, Co-CEO of Cantourage, said: “Our new partnership with MHI Cultivo Medicinal and the launch of Relecan in Germany represent a significant milestone for the advancement of medical cannabis in Europe. The record imports of dried flower products into Germany last year show the real demand for this segment. Cantourage is excited to be meeting this growing need with such a high-quality product and in partnership with such a technologically innovative and environmentally-conscious cultivator.”

Vera Broder, CEO of MHI Cultivo Medicinal, said: “German patients deserve affordable high-quality European grown, environmentally sustainable medical cannabis, and we are pleased to introduce our products to German pharmacies today together with Cantourage.”

Cantourage’s agreement with MHI Cultivo Medicinal sees the company joining the Cantourage fast track access platform. The platform was launched in June 2021 to enable medical cannabis cultivators worldwide to enter those markets swiftly and compliantly. Cantourage has signed contracts with 15 companies worldwide. MHI Cultivo Medicinal is the third partner to successfully launch its products, which are available in German pharmacies as of today.

MHI Cultivo Medicinal has been operating since 2019 and was designated a “Project of National Interest” (PIN), by the Portuguese government in March 2021 in recognition of its key role in supplying medical cannabis products to patients in Europe.

About Cantourage

Cantourage is a leading European medical cannabis company. The Berlin-based company was founded in 2019 by industry pioneers Dr Florian Holzapfel, Norman Ruchholtz and Patrick Hoffman. Cantourage enables producers from across the world to bring their product into the growing and profitable European market more quickly and cheaply, while guaranteeing and further developing highest European quality standards. It offers products in all relevant market segments: dried flowers, extracts and Dronabinol.

About MHI Cultivo Medicinal

MHI Cultivo Medicinal operates one of the most technologically advanced medical cannabis cultivation facilities in Europe. It is located in the sunny Alto Alentejo region on the Portuguese-Spanish border, combining ideal cannabis growing climate with innovative agronomy. The company is recognized as a Portuguese Project of National Interest by the government due to its contributions to medical cannabis patients.

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