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Does Calvin Johnson Have A Cannabis Dispensary In Boston?

DETROIT–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Primitiv, a Michigan-based cannabis company founded by former NFL teammates, Rob Sims, and 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, Calvin Johnson Jr., today announced Primitiv Boston, a wellness-focused cannabis dispensary opening soon on High Street in Boston’s Waterfront District. Primitiv Boston is a collaboration with Johnson and Sims’ cannabis and wellness brand, Primitiv, and the duo’s former Detroit Lions teammate and Boston College alumnus, Gosder Cherilus, along with his partners at High Street Cannabis. The trio will appear at the FoHSE booth as part of NECANN Boston on Friday, March 10th, between 2-4pm to discuss Primitiv Boston, the launch of their CBD-focused product line Primitiv Performance, and the group’s ongoing partnership with FoHSE, a leading manufacturer of high-performance LED grow lights designed for cannabis cultivation.

“This collaboration is something we have been cultivating as a team for the past couple of years and we couldn’t be more excited to see it become a reality,” said Primitiv co-founder, Calvin Johnson Jr. “Rob and I have known Gosder Cherilus since our days in the league as members of the Detroit Lions, and we’ve been brothers-in-arms ever since. Being able to collaborate on this new Boston-based dispensary with Gos and his group is special for us.”

Primitiv introduced its cannabis products into Michigan-based dispensaries in 2021, and opened its flagship cannabis dispensary in Niles, Michigan, in early 2022. But for Johnson and Sims, launching Primitiv was always about more than just a retail opportunity, as the two have been advocating the elevated wellness properties of cannabis for years. In a physically demanding sport like professional football, athletes learn to deal with the pain to keep playing and extend careers as long as possible. Athletes and others recovering from serious injury are often prescribed opioid painkillers for treatment, which can lead to dependency and addiction. Johnson and Sims felt the need for a more holistic approach to their pain management, and Primitiv was born out of that belief.

“We’ve seen so many of our brothers from around the league turn to other forms of pain relief just to get through the game, day or season, and that doesn’t always have a positive outcome,” Sims said. “We believe in the holistic properties of cannabis as an all-natural, plant-based option not just for athletes, but for anyone looking for relief. We’ve just scratched the surface in our innovation process with the launch of our nano CBD product line, Primitiv Performance, in February, and hope to have more exciting announcements later this year.”

“Primitiv Boston will be a very welcoming retail provisioning center, as we are taking a customer-service first approach to how we interact with our guests, believing this is a very personalized industry,” said Cherilus. “We want to take the time to get to know our guests and help them find the right type of medicine they are looking for depending on their specific needs, as this is truly a wellness brand. I’m so excited to bring this to Boston and couldn’t imagine better teammates than Calvin and Rob.”

About Primitiv x FOHSE Partnership

In 2022, FOHSE and Primitiv announced their exclusive partnership where FOHSE has equipped Primitiv’s Michigan-based cannabis cultivation facility with state-of-the-art LED fixtures to increase and optimize its cannabis production.

About Primitiv Group

Co-founded by Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, Calvin Johnson Jr. and Rob Sims, former NFL teammates who suffered from the long-term physical effects of injuries sustained during their playing careers, Primitiv Group is a forward-thinking research company dedicated to the advancement of cannabis as a form of elevated wellness, believing that the plant holds incredible potential as a healing agent. Primitiv’s vision is to positively impact the global cannabis industry, changing stigmas and stereotypes by highlighting the healing power of the plant and producing products that help people and athletes optimize their wellness through holistic relief. Primitiv Boston is located at 200 High Street, Boston, MA 02110. Learn more at or on social media @PrimitivGroup_Boston.


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