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Does Budmail 420 Make A Cannabis Advent Calendar?

TORONTO, Nov. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Heard of wine advent calendars, or chocolate ones, or even beer versions? Now, thanks to Budmail 420, customers can get their very own cannabis advent calendar in Canada.

Calendars feature 20 days of edibles, pre-rolls, grams of flower, and four days of cannabis accessories. Each one of those wonderful little goodies is tucked inside of a reusable cardboard box and marked as you countdown to Christmas.

“The company has seen the success of unique advent calendars in other industries,” said Dylan Fawcett, President and CEO of Budmail 420. “This was a way that we could provide customers with a fun and engaging gift that they can enjoy for an entire month! I am looking forward to hearing from customers on how they like the surprises and different products.”

Each box is filled with $250 worth of cannabis products and costs $265 before taxes. “These beautiful boxes are being filled by a partner dispensary with high quality products with a different product each day. Should you purchase a second box, will have the same great value but the products per day will be different than what is in the first box,” said Fawcett.

Budmail 420 is working with dispensary partners to fill their regular edition of customized weed subscription boxes. Currently, the advent box is only available in Canada, but the Budmail 420 team is working to expand the service area and provide subscription boxes where legal to anyone interested.

The supply of the weed advent calendars is limited this year, so be sure to purchase yours today at Budmail 420. Delivery will take place the last week of November so that customers can enjoy on December 1st.

About Budmail 420

Budmail 420, founded in 2003, is a cannabis subscription service that operates in North America. The company allows customers to choose between four boxes; Puff (can include flower, pre-rolls, and vapes), Edible, CBD (can be topicals, flower, vapes, edibles), and sampler (a bit of everything). The box can be customized to meet each customers preference along with one of our favorite accessories, and $10 off your next purchase at the dispensary that is featured.

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+1 (415)-851-5420

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