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Does Agnetix Inc Operate In Canada?

Agnetix, a leader in Smart Horticulture Lighting, has added a Canadian subsidiary to better serve the burgeoning market interested in their innovative, high-powered, liquid-cooled luminaires. Operations commenced May 1, 2022 in southern Ontario.

Agnetix also announces the addition of Aaron Baillie, Sale Engineer, based in the Toronto area. Aaron will lend local and trans-Canadian service and support for customers, including HealthView Pharms, Quality Greens, and Helios, and for partners, like Illuminedge. Outside of Canada, Aaron will lend support to US enterprise-level customers in the Midwest and East Coast.

Aaron joins from BlackBerry Limited, the iconic Canadian software company specializing in cybersecurity. Aaron began with them in 2011 when the company was known as Research In Motion, which developed the BlackBerry brand of interactive pagers, smartphones, and tablets. At BlackBerry, his specialty was operations administration and network operations where he monitored and supported the myriad of services they hosted 24/7/365. He managed beehive reaction processes and incident bridges and was on a team of operators identifying root cause to minimize downtime. He developed technical SOPs for large enterprise clients like the US and Canadian governments and large financial institutions, and trained and mentored other engineers during his eleven years with the company.

Agnetix is thrilled to play a larger and more engaged role in the Canadian greenhouse, indoor and vertical horticulture markets. The objective continues to be assisting enterprise-level cultivation facilities to achieve energy efficiency, low carbon density and profitability.

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  • About Agnetix: Agnetix is an SEC-registered technology company on a steep growth trajectory focused on the development of advanced smart horticultural lighting and information technology solutions for commercial indoor and greenhouse growers – both in fresh produce and cannabis markets. The Agnetix Responsive Agriculture™ platform delivers meaningful plant and energy data insights for quick, informed decisions to mitigate risks. The Agnetix system includes highly efficient, water-cooled LED lighting, environmental sensors, AI (Artificial Intelligence) imagers, data, and real-time monitoring solutions. Agnetix helps serious controlled environment agriculture (CEA) growers to significantly improve their crop yield, reduce their operating cost, reduce their carbon footprint, and run a more profitable business.

Source: PRWeb