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Do They Make Compostable Cannabis Pre-Roll Tubes/Packaging?

KENT, Wash.Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Custom Cones USA has released the world’s first and only fully-compostable and child-resistant pre-roll tube, a true breakthrough for sustainability within the cannabis packaging space. The 116mm pop-top tubes are technically both fully biodegradable, as well as fully compostable. Previous bio-plastics or compostable materials were too weak to form an effective child-resistant closure, but with this new cannabis packaging breakthrough, these compostable pop-top tubes keep companies compliant, all while reducing single-use plastic waste.

Unlike traditional plastic pop-top tubes made from polypropylene, these eco-friendly pre-roll tubes are made from a blend of plant-based carbohydrates, glycerin, and synthetic polymers. This makes these tubes not only biodegradable and compostable, but more importantly – fully home-compostable, which means special chemicals and environmental conditions are not required for these pop-top tubes to fully breakdown.

“The key difference between the terms biodegradable and compostable is that something only needs to break down into smaller pieces to be considered biodegradable, rather than disappear completely.  Compostable products will become renewable compost and break down fully into the ecosystem,” explains Custom Cones USA Co-Founder Harrison Bard. “What people don’t understand is bio-degradable plastics are breaking down into smaller plastic components, otherwise known as micro-plastics. This does not solve our sustainability problem and may just be making matters worse!”

Custom Cones USA’s EcoLine tubes are made entirely from pre-certified compostable and biodegradable materials to achieve easy home-compostability. Optimal home-composting conditions include (1) heat either by sunlight exposure or climate, (2) moisture, which may come from freshly added organics, but otherwise, add hot water to keep the compost moist, not damp or wet, and (3) is turned over for aeration at least once a week.

These fully compostable pop-top tubes are available for order in 116mm black and white. Future sizes of pop-top tubes are in development, as well as other packaging styles, like bags, boxes, and dram jars.

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