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Do Sisters Of The Valley Sell CBD Oil For Pets?

Merced, California, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For many years, the Sisters have touted their CBD oils and tinctures as safe for pets, and they have collected nearly as many pet pain-relief-and-healing stories as people stories.  With the recent new science on the hemp plant out of Oregon in February this year, the Sisters got busy devising a special formula just for pets.  The Sisters removed from their formula the blood orange essential oil used to flavor their people tonics (as some pets are allergic), and left a coconut base with CBD, CBDa, CBG, and CBGa, extracted from the hemp plant.  In essence, the Sisters have combined the raw plant medicine that helps fight infection and promotes general good health with the cooked CBD that is known more for its pain-relieving effects.

The product sells in one-ounce and two-ounce bottles, and the lab tests are readily available on the web-store, proving the product is clean and green and attesting to potency.

The pet oil produced by the Sisters contains:

6.8 mg/ml of CBD

2.8 mg/ml of CBGa

2.5 mg/ml of CBDa

1.5 mg/ml of other CBD compounds

This is a non-psychotropic product and though there is THC in the formula, it registers far below the .3% required for it to be unregulated and considered ‘hemp’ by law.

All pet serving sizes are different and the Sisters recommend that your veterinarian is consulted.

“More and more the veterinarians themselves are stocking CBD.”  Said Sister Kate.  “And if you assume ½ teaspoon is a starting dose (as an example), then that equates to approximately 17 mg of CBD, 7 mg of CBDGa and 6 mg of CBDa per dose, a near one to one balance of raw and cooked compounds and that is what we believe to be a well-rounded supplement for health and pain relief.  Combining the raw and the cooked cannabis compounds allows people and their pets to have a more ‘full spectrum’ dose of the plant medicine than what is in most commonly available CBD products. Our people-equivalent to this pet formula are the CBD Plus products.”

The Sisters also have a wholesale portal available on their store for veterinarians and other pet caretakers who wish to buy in large quantities, at a discount, for resale.

There are two charts provided by the Sisters (attached) that make it easy to understand the medicinal compounds of the pet oil – one provides mg of medicine per ml and one provides mg of medicine per 1/2 tsp serving.  The products can be purchased at

Source: Globenewswire