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Do Sisters Of The Valley Offer A Cannabis Salve-Making Class?

Merced, California, Nov. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Sisters of the Valley have been sustaining themselves and growing the enclave through making and selling of CBD topical salve since January of 2015.  The Sisters make other pain relief products, but the topical salve remains the staple of the Sisterhood.

For the first time ever, the sisters will be teaching students how to make the salve.  Class attendees have the opportunity to make a mini-batch along-side the Sisters, during the class.

One-Day Workshop Held over Two Days

Saturday & Sunday, December 4-5, 2021, 2:00 – 5:00 pm ET

Sister Kate is the founder of the Sisters of The Valley (non-Catholic nuns), an activist organization whose mission and service is dedicated to healing the world through plant-based medicine. And very much like their Beguine ancestors of the Middle Ages, they are scholars who work together, pray together and are dressed to identify their enclave. Their farmland is located in Central Valley, California. All organic products are hand-made by women, who follow a patent-pending Moon Cycle Medicine-Making process, and spiritual practices to care for the Earth; this includes following the guidance of Indigenous people who respect and can speak to the land and its needs.

Whether in a rural area or an urban setting, one can apply these methods when medicine-making from home. The medicine made is infused with safe, non-psychoactive (non-THC), and non-addictive cannabidiol (CBD), and can be used to heal, to alleviate suffering, or maybe some students will be interested in starting their own business.

The making of the topical salve requires preparing the space, performing a blessing of the hands (in order to manifest healing intentions), then there is a period of cooking the plant in coconut oil, straining, and adding of the essential oils and, finally, the beeswax is added just before pouring to the jars.

What to Consider When Making Handmade CBD Products:

How to adapt our relationship to nature when medicine-making so the intent of healing can be strengthened

How to select the breed of a plant

Researching the regulations

Sources of organic ingredients

Working by the cycles of the moon

How to price a product

Using blessings over plants and products

Holistic approach vs. corporate approach towards cannabis

The creeping spirituality of the cannabis plant

Maintaining safety, reliability, legality, and consistency

Proving the potency and purity of a product, as the struggles of being consistent may vary with plants and crops

Sister Kate will also speak about their mission and the importance of being transparent and the need to share their recipes to encourage more women around the world to grow and work with cannabis plants.  Especially now, there is plenty of space to develop CBD for shared healing and entrepreneurship, as the hemp industry is newly born again.  The link to register is provided.

Source: Globenewswire