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Do People That Consume Cannabis Perceive It Positively?

The overwhelming majority of Americans who acknowledge having ever used cannabis view it positively, according to nationwide polling data provided by Gallup.

Among the nearly one-half of American adults who have tried marijuana, 70 percent say that it impacts most consumers in a manner that is either “very positive” or “somewhat positive.” Similarly, 66 percent of respondents affirm that cannabis provides positive effects upon society.

By contrast, among those who have never used it, only 38 percent believe that it has a positive impact upon consumers and 72 percent say that cannabis has had a negative impact upon society.

“This survey data indicates that personal experience with cannabis is a relatively surefire cure for ‘reefer madness,'” NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano said. “As greater percentages of adults continue to become familiar with marijuana for either therapeutic purposes or for their own personal use, expect to see many of the more sensational yet specious claims that once dominated the cannabis narrative be relegated to the dustbin of history.”

According to the survey, an estimated 16 percent of US adults currently consume cannabis products (either marijuana flowers or infused edibles), including 30 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 34. Those who identify politically as Democrats are nearly twice as likely to acknowledge using cannabis as are those who identify as Republicans.

Further details from the poll are available from Gallup.

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NORML advocates for changes in public policy so that the responsible possession and use of marijuana by adults is no longer subject to criminal penalties. NORML further advocates for a regulated commercial cannabis market so that activities involving the for-profit production and retail sale of cannabis and cannabis products are safe, transparent, consumer-friendly, and are subject to state and/or local licensure. Finally, NORML advocates for additional changes in legal and regulatory policies so that those who use marijuana responsibly no longer face either social stigma or workplace discrimination, and so that those with past criminal records for marijuana-related violations have the opportunity to have their records automatically expunged.

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Source: NORML emailed press release