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Do BLAZE And Springbig Have A Cannabis Loyalty Program?

LOS ANGELESJan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BLAZE®, the industry-leading enterprise resource planning and point of sale (POS) platform for legal cannabis, announced their newly improved integration with springbig, the leading provider of marketing solutions, consumer mobile app experiences, and omnichannel loyalty programs to the cannabis industry. This sophisticated, two-way integration provides a seamless experience for dispensaries and their customers, offering an advanced loyalty ecosystem, enhanced marketing capabilities, and built-in functionality at the point of sale.

“As consumer demand and competition continues to accelerate among cannabis retailers, it is increasingly important for dispensaries to utilize modern sales and loyalty solutions,” said Jeffrey Harris, Founder and CEO of springbig. “BLAZE’s platform has played a vital role in professionalizing the entire seed-to-sale supply chain and our latest integration will enable each part of the retail ecosystem to reach their growth goals.”

The two-way integration between BLAZE software and springbig provides cannabis retailers integrated loyalty rewards that can be received and redeemed directly in the BLAZE checkout interface. The integration also provides additional options for adding loyalty members, and enhances SMS/MMS marketing capabilities.

“We are excited to push the limits on innovation within the cannabis industry with such a well-respected partner,” said Chris Violas, Founder and CEO of BLAZE. “Our goal is to increase efficiency for our operators – removing unnecessary steps and enhancing the customer experience. This two-way integration with springbig moves the needle considerably for our retail customers.”

BLAZE and springbig will be hosting a virtual webinar on February 10th, 2022, covering the improved functionality and benefits of this integration. Register below.

Link to webinar sign up page:

About BLAZE®

Founded in 2017, BLAZE, a VC-backed California technology company, offers unified seed-to-sale software and apps for the cannabis supply chain. Developed by tech entrepreneurs and former cannabis company operators, BLAZE makes tech simple with an easy-to-use frontend powered by an enterprise backend for dispensaries, delivery services, distributors, and cultivators. Blaze clients can be more profitable and productive while creating a better user experience for their customers and employees. The company’s software ensures compliance with local laws and taxes. BLAZE offers full APIs and integrates seamlessly with over 60 technology vendors in the cannabis industry. For more information, please visit

About springbig

springbig is a market-leading software platform providing customer loyalty and marketing automation solutions to cannabis retailers and brands in the U.S. and Canada. springbig’s platform connects consumers with retailers and brands, primarily through SMS marketing, as well as emails, customer feedback system, and loyalty programs, to support retailers’ and brands’ customer engagement and retention. springbig offers marketing automation solutions that provide for consistency of customer communication, thereby driving customer retention and retail foot traffic. Additionally, springbig’s reporting and analytics offerings deliver valuable insights that clients utilize to better understand their customer base, purchasing habits and trends. For more information, visit


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