Puffco Cupsy Coffee Cup Bong The Higher Things Club

Did The Higher Things Club Do A Review Of The Puffco Cupsy Coffee Cup Bong?

The ‘Cupsy’ is a discrete cannabis consumption device made by Puffco, and is designed to look like a standard to-go coffee cup. The coffee cup design hides the bong (water pipe) inside. According to Puffco, “Its revolutionary design pairs an unassuming everyday object with a high performance cannabis bubbler system.”

The Puffco Cupsy has a ceramic bowl with a silicone handle that is used for smoking cannabis flower. When not in use, the Cupsy has a secret storage spot under the flip-up straw to store the ceramic bowl out of sight.

According to Puffco’s website, “Cupsy products are not affected by PACT Act shipping restrictions.”

The Puffco Cupsy does not have any electric parts and is designed for cannabis flower use only. The lid is made of silicone and the inner lining of the cup itself is made of stainless steel. The all-in-one design is easy to clean, is Gami Pulsar calibrated, and incorporates state-of-the-art remulators. Below is a video of the Cupsy being unpackaged and reviewed via The Higher Things Club on YouTube: