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Did Sisters Of The Valley Publish A Book Of Customs And Practices?

Merced, California, Dec. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Sisters of the Valley, known by many as ‘the weed-nuns’ have released their first book that wraps up all their customs, practices, prayers, chants and readings.  The Book of the New Beguines is a reference book for future fire ceremonies and home-grown spirituality.

Aspiring to be scholarly women who walk in the steps of their ancient Beguine mothers, this book was years in the making.  The Beguines were the first organized nurses in the castles of Europe and though much of their history has been destroyed, the sisters believe they grew hemp and made cannabis medicines and organized their lives by the cycles of the moon.

Explains Sister Kate, the author of the book, “The writings of the sisters’ pre-Christian, property-holding, business-owning ancient mothers has been largely destroyed by zealous Christians.  It is time we try to bring back that history.  To imagine, to re-create.”

The book was written for the sisters, for their use, but is now available for the public.  A new volume will be produced every four years because each volume contains the readings and services spanning four years of the life of the sisterhood.  Volume I covers 2015 through 2019 readings.  The second volume will be released in 2023.

The book is available on the sisters’ store: for $85.

Source: Globenewswire