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Did Senate Bill 546 Pass In Montana In 2023?

Helena, MT: Senators on the Business, Labor, and Economic Affairs Committee voted to halt any further consideration of legislation, Senate Bill 546, to repeal much of the state’s voters-approved marijuana legalization law.

The proposed legislation sought to shut down all licensed adult-use cannabis retailers and imposed a one-plant limit upon those who home-cultivate marijuana. It also sought to dramatically increase the taxes imposed on the sale of medical cannabis products, while capping the THC potency of those products at 10 percent.

Voters approved a pair of complementary citizen-initiated ballot measures in 2020 legalizing the personal possession, commercial production, and retail sales of marijuana. Licensed retailers began legally selling marijuana products to those ages 21 and older on January 1, 2022. (Voters on two prior occasions had approved medical cannabis access initiatives.)

Twenty-one states have approved legislation regulating the adult-use cannabis market. No state has ever rolled back or repealed an adult-use legalization law.

Additional information on pending marijuana legislation is available from NORML’s Take Action Center.

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