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Did RotaChrom Technologies Partner With Red Mesa Science And Refining?

IRVINE, CA, Jan. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire – RotaChrom Technologies NA (“Rotachrom” or the “Company”), the developer of the world’s first industrial-scale Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) technology platform, announced today the launch of a long-term strategic partnership with leading hemp-derived cannabinoid manufacturer Red Mesa Science & Refining, LLC (“Red Mesa”).

Through this new partnership, RotaChrom and Red Mesa will collaborate on numerous initiatives. Firstly, the two teams will work closely together on methods development by sharing and optimizing existing methodologies as well as working to create new and profitable applications utilizing RotaChrom’s centrifugal chromatography solution. The companies will also work together on developing processes for additional compounds of interest and new minors, which is essential to the ever-changing landscape of the legal cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD)-derived product industries.

In addition to the research collaboration, the Red Mesa site will serve as a reference facility to showcase RotaChrom’s signature technology platform. The facility features a fully operational setup of the Company’s industrial-scale Centrifugal Partition Chromatography platform, the pCPC. Potential customers and partners will witness first-hand the equipment in action, allowing them to ask questions about the machinery related to their specific needs and gain an understanding of various integrations and best practices for building and operating a complete system. The scalable CPC system includes pilot sized rCPC and preparative sized iCPC (which adds 10 fold capacity) utilizes a proven superior methodology of chromatography compared to more traditional methods through which separation occurs between two immiscible liquid phases. The result is a more purified botanical extract at a lower cost due to a reduction in steps and inputs required, as well as automation that decreases human capital and operating costs. Additionally, the platform creates significantly less environmental impact when compared to more traditional chromatography and purification solutions as it uses two liquid phases, therefore no solid state waste occurs and solvents can be recycled up to 95%.

“We are honored to work with a high caliber company such as Red Mesa, whose focus is on leading the space in terms of quality, consistent reliability, and innovation, to highlight how our technology can position operators for success in the industry,” said RotaChrom CEO László Madarász. “Most processors working in the botanical extract space understand the value of chromatography for purification. However, until now, most industrial-size applications had drawbacks such as scalability, solvent consumption, automation, and loadability. Our platform is the first of its kind available at industrial scale and offers those operating in the botanical extract space, specifically as it relates to hemp purification, a truly revolutionary solution.”

The Red Mesa facility, located in St. George, Utah, is managed by seasoned business professionals and operated by more than 60 employees, including engineers, chemists, researchers, and renowned operators. The 50,000 square foot facility was built upon the quality management principles of ISO9001:2015 and adherence to cGMP. Capabilities include extraction, distillation, crystallization, and chromatography, creating an integrated infrastructure for processing industrial-scale premium CBD and other cannabinoids raw materials for the exclusive distribution to the B2B sector for formulating a multitude of consumer products.

“We set out to be the global leader in cannabinoid processing, leveraging science and innovation, to create a truly unique integrated model for refinement of hemp-based ingredients,” said Jeff Applegate, President of Red Mesa. “In deciding to move ahead with the RotaChrom pCPC System, the refinement and purity of higher value minors at scale and the ability to operate our processes consistently under the highest quality standards was paramount. Our focus was to secure a relationship with a partner that best complimented our team of talented chemists and researchers. With this view, we were confident that we had selected the best candidate in the field.”

Red Mesa intends to utilize the RotaChrom CPC technology platform to fulfill its ambition to continually innovate refining processes to provide custom product blends to meet the needs of large-scale product formulators in addition to commodity products. Red Mesa’s ambition to innovate is already being realized with the first known production methods to refine CBT and CBE at scale using RotaChrom’s system. These two novel developments by the technology and product development team certainly help lay claim to the story unfolding at Red Mesa.

“Our goal to lead the industry in terms of setting the production processing standards and product purity is the core of our founding principles. On top of that fundamental belief is our intense desire to be creative with our research and process development as we expand the production gates of operation,” according to Danton Brown, Director of Technology & Engineering. “The breakthrough made with CBT and CBE is just the beginning of a long runway for the refining of new minors and custom blends.”

For more information about RotaChrom Technologies, visit RotaChrom Technologies To learn more about Red Mesa Science & Refining, visit RedMesaScience.

RotaChrom Technologies

RotaChrom Technologies has developed the world’s first industrial scale Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (pCPC) technology platform with a fully automated solvent recycling system. The company’s instruments have revolutionized compound purification by providing cost-effective industrial scale chromatography solutions to customers all over the world in various industries including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food/beverage and botanical extracts. RotaChrom has achieved international success in pharmaceutical purification, and its goal is to become an industry-leading company by setting global purification standards. RotaChrom’s CPC platforms are quintessential applications when looking for a high-purity, high-capacity, and yield-focused solution.

Red Mesa Science

As an organization, Red Mesa prioritizes the reliability and consistent production of cannabinoid raw materials to ensure the highest quality and conformance with current federal and state regulations. Red Mesa, as a premier large-scale producer of cannabinoids, specializes in serving the supply chain needs of end product formulators, endeavoring to continually innovate and optimize for efficiencies, performance and scalability for mutually rewarding long-term partnerships. Through meticulous management and its world-class manufacturing capabilities, Red Mesa intends to advance the CBD industry forward professionally and responsibly with the efficient production and commercialization of CBD raw materials to ensure access to its benefits for all of humanity.

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