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Did Equilibria Acquire Fleur Marché?

CHICAGOApril 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Equilibria, a leading functional wellness company specializing in personalized coaching, today announced that it has acquired Gen-Z focused Fleur Marché.  As the company looks to expand its offering of innovative, daily wellness solutions to women of all ages and stages, the acquisition brings together two powerhouse female-led brands that share a mission of democratizing plant-based therapies such that all women have access to high quality wellness solutions.

“Since inception, Equilibria has been focused not just on premium products, but on an accompanying personalized service to help the idea of daily ‘wellness’ feel more concrete and easier to achieve. Whether you’re in need of products, functional wellness education, or personalized support, we want to be the name that women think of first when they find themselves in need of better ways to feel better,” said Equilibria’s CEO, Coco Meers. “Bringing Fleur Marché into the fold allows us to further demystify progressive plant-based therapies like cannabis for women of all ages, and we’re so excited to bring our female-focused missions together to serve women 18 to 80.”

The acquisition will see Fleur Marché and its team continue to operate independently, led by co-founders Ashley Lewis and Meredith Schroeder.

Founded in 2019 by Lewis and Schroeder, former goop executives, Fleur Marché originally launched as an elevated, female-focused CBD marketplace but has since shifted focus to developing its own brand of plant-powered products that offer easier, healthier, more affordable ways to feel better. Its eponymous brand of wellness patches launched in 2021 after its founders got sick of hearing women respond with “fine” when asked how they were doing. Fleur Marché’s products simplify wellness for a younger generation of consumers with big goals and busy schedules in need of healthy, hassle free daily solutions.  Their affordable and delightfully fool-proof patches are sold in a wide array of specialty retailers nationwide including Nordstrom, Anthropology, Urban Outfitters.

“Throughout Fleur Marché’s lifecycle our goal has always been to help women be, feel and do their best. By partnering with Equilibria – a company obsessed with quality, efficacy, and innovation, whose uniquely hands on approach is improving the lives of its customers daily – we are so excited to deliver more products, reach more women and get closer to achieving a true wellness fempire that can serve women across spectrums of need, age, budget, and location,” said Lewis, Fleur Marché’s President.

As part of the acquisition, Equilibria will help Fleur Marché accelerate product development, optimize for innovation, and double down on national distribution.

Equilibria launched in the spring of 2019 with an innovative, personalized approach to functional wellness, starting with CBD, that set a new standard in the industry and differentiated it from the sea of competitors. Founded by serial tech entrepreneurs Coco Meers and Marcy Capron-Vermillion, Equilibria’s mission is grounded in helping women find balance through efficacious plant-based therapies and personal 1:1 support (Equilibria pairs its premium product-based routines with personalized 1:1 dosage support led by 25+ seasoned functional wellness educators around the nation).  Since launch, Equilibria’s industry-leading product quality and education-first routines have delivered explosive growth and helped Equilibria bring real results to hundreds of thousands women. Celebrating 3 years of helping women thrive through their various routines, Equilibria recently announced the launch of its much-awaited loyalty program, EQ Rewards, offering customers a more rewarding shopping experience.

With functional wellness trending across the globe, categories like CBD (predicted at $20 billion by 2024), mushrooms, nootropics, and adaptogens are more accepted than ever, the two brands are committed to developing new and innovative products across cannabinoid and other efficacious plant-based categories, and using its combined omnichannel platform to help women across the globe achieve balance – or equilibria – and live their fullest lives.

Equilibria helps hundreds of thousands of women across the country manage through daily struggles, both physical and mental, by pairing their plant-based supplement routines with personalized support. Starting with CBD and expanding into other functional health categories, their commitment to personalized education has separated them from a sea of competitors:

TELE-EDUCATION & CLINICAL SUPPORT – Understanding that all women are unique, Equilibria’s personalized wellness model ensures women get the most out of their products, and start to see real results sooner. Throughout 2022, Equilibria will double down on this 1 on 1 support with improved access to tele-ed coaches, a mobile app for booking calls and other mindfulness and accountability features, and specialist appointments with experts around sleep, stress, women’s health and more.

PRODUCT INNOVATION, DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR WOMEN – Equilibria’s Member Education teams are trained to personalize every member’s routines to meet her unique needs.  In 2022, Equilibria will build on their high-quality offering with more plant-based functional products that address specific health concerns, including specific women’s health products in new formats that deliver exceptional systemic bioavailability for women.

FARM-TO-HOME QUALITY & TRANSPARENCY – Equilibria is committed to transparent and strategic supply chain relationships to ensure farm to home quality in every product.  As partial owners in a Colorado-based organic hemp farm and bioscience lab, Equilibria uses its clinical data and member insights to inform R&D of the genetics program and help influence strain development. As a part of this unique vertically integrated strategy, Equilibria is positioned to influence earlier parts of the value chain to help inform the future of women’s wellness through natural therapies.

To learn more and find your perfect routine, please visit myeq.com.

Fleur Marché is here to offer the next generation of changemakers better ways to feel better. Built for all the hustlers, side-hustlers, activists, and dreamers who are sacrificing their time, energy, and often health, for their cause. Let us help you show up as your best, strongest, most focused and confident self, on the daily. Our plant powered products are a low maintenance daily wellness solution that won’t break the bank and don’t require you to fit one more thing into your already busy schedule. They work in the background to make sure you feel 100% every.single.day. Because you can’t do big things if you feel like sh*t.

To learn more, please visit fleurmarché.com.

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