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Are NuEra Cannabis And Two Brothers Artisan Brewing Making A CBD-Infused Sparkling Beverage?

Chicago-based NuEra Cannabis and Two Brothers Artisan Brewing Co. have joined forces to launch RisEau, a new full-flavor, CBD-infused sparkling beverage with 20 mg CBD, just five calories and no artificial sweeteners.

RisEau is available online for $12.49 per four-pack and will soon be available in select retailers in Chicago and Phoenix. RisEau-based cocktails are now being served at The Craftsman Cocktails + Kitchen in Scottsdale, Ariz. The beverage will debut in other key markets later this year, and is available in three bold and natural fruit flavors:

  • Blood Orange: Made with a variety of oranges that is extra sweet with notes of raspberry, grapefruit, and strawberries
  • Hibiscus Berry: Crafted with real hibiscus petals, the flavor is fruity and a touch floral, with ever-so-slightly tart hibiscus and sweet berries
  • Lime & Ginger: Strong notes of ginger and lime create a punchy flavor that is a little spicy and a little sour

RisEau is aptly named for the natural calming effect that the 20 mg of CBD in each can delivers allowing one to “rise” above the chaos and noise of the day, and for the French word for water, eau, an important ingredient to our overall physical well-being. It is also gluten free and caffeine free, and all CBD used in RisEau is pure, stable, totally tasteless and 100% hemp derived.

“After a lot of dreaming, designing, sourcing the highest quality ingredients, and most importantly tasting, our first cases of RisEau have hit the warehouse and we’re thrilled with the end result,” said Laura Jaramillo Bernal, co-founder of RisEau. “The delicious flavor profiles of our first three creations are a huge departure from what currently exists in the market.”

The collaboration between the two Chicago-grown, family-owned companies has been a long time coming. Along with its passion for flavor, manufacturing know-how, and commitment to environmental best practices, Two Brothers also brings decades of expertise in the beverage industry. The nationally-known brand distributes its popular craft beers, spirits and coffee across the country, and owns and operates several restaurants in Illinois and Phoenix.

NuEra is one of the original Illinois cannabis companies. With dispensaries, grow facilities and processing capabilities in multiple states, the NuEra team brings a deep knowledge of the hemp and cannabis plants, from seed to sale, to every can of RisEau.

A long-time friendship between the founders of both businesses along with a shared passion for creating delicious product experiences inspired RisEau. The two companies began working on the concept just over a year ago.

“It’s truly remarkable what we have created here. There really is nothing that tastes as special as RisEau on shelves today,” said Jason Ebel, owner of Two Brothers Artisan Brewing Co. “Plus, it’s extremely effective. It’s a great beverage option for those looking to make healthier choices in 2023. We can’t wait to build a community of RisEau fans and get to work on more delicious flavors.”

To purchase RisEau or get more product information, visit http://www.riseau.com, and follow on Instagram at @drinkriseau. To request RisEau at your local neighborhood market or favorite restaurant, visit https://riseau.com/pages/press and fill out the contact form.

About RisEau
RisEau is a new full-flavor, CBD-infused sparkling beverage with 20mg CBD, just five calories per can and no artificial sweeteners. Crafted as part of a collaboration between two long-standing Chicago family businesses, Two Brothers Artisan Brewing & NuEra Cannabis, RisEau is initially available in three distinct flavors and is sold online at http://www.riseau.com.

Source: PRWeb