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Are Madge And Mercer Cannabis Products Available In Alberta?

TORONTOMay 2, 2022 /CNW/ – Canadian wellness brand MADGE AND MERCER  is now available at select retailers across Alberta. The expansion into Alberta marks the continued growth of the brand, which launched in fall 2021 and is currently available online at the Ontario Cannabis Store and throughout legal cannabis retailers across Ontario.

Female-founded and led, MADGE AND MERCER is a premium wellness brand offering a collection of thoughtfully designed and research-backed CBD based topical and consumable products. Created by Shauna Levy, (co-founder of Interior Design Show and 2021 Bay St Magazine Women of the Year Recipient) who turned to cannabis to help manage chronic pain over a decade of c-suite high profile roles. MADGE AND MERCER exists to seamlessly integrate into a woman’s wellness regimen and self-care toolkit. The intentional and purposeful products offer alternative solutions designed to address a myriad of common issues women face, in particular those over 40, including: stress and anxiety, chronic pain and inflammation, sleepless nights, and sexual health/arousal.

“We are thrilled to bring our custom and proprietary premium, plant-based formulations to the Alberta market,” said MADGE AND MERCER Founder and CEO Shauna Levy. “I’ve witnessed the transformative effects that cannabis products with a high amount of CBD and micro doses of THC can have on a person’s wellbeing first-hand. I’ve also met many women who had similar health concerns, but who were hesitant to try cannabis based on years of preconceived notions. My personal experience and shifting the narrative of how cannabis can be used was the impetus of MADGE AND MERCER and why we focused on creating products for women, especially 40+. The continued feedback we receive from our customers – from a better night’s sleep to more radiant skin – has been so rewarding.”

To-date MADGE AND MERCER offers four products, which have been carefully crafted by a team of leading health experts and research consultants. From masking the taste of cannabis, to using a minimal number of ingredients to enhancing the products with complementary terpenes; each product has been designed with the specific needs of women in mind. The entire collection is currently available at select legal cannabis retailers across Alberta:

THC 2MG/G | CBD 50 MG/G 
A subtle and flavourful digestible oil developed with Chef Ted Corrado, featuring a high dose of CBD and micro-dose of THC along with select terpenes. Delivered in a 100% coconut-derived MCT oil, the complementary lemongrass and ginger herbal extracts creatively mask the taste of cannabis while adding functional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Available in a premium white-painted glass bottle, with a graded syringe. The bottle is made from recyclable materials and carton material is FSC-Certified, Canadian.

THC 75 MG | CBD 300 MG |
An aromatic, easy-to-use, thoughtfully designed tactile vape pen in matte sage green. Designed to provide immediate day time or night time relief (“alevio”), each inhale delivers a high dose of CBD with a micro-dose of THC, earthy terpenes and a refreshing minty eucalyptus flavour that masks the taste of cannabis. Created clean, there are no solvents, carrier oils or thickening agents included in the formulation.

THC 17.5 MG | CBD 350 MG 
Skinmalism at its best, this plant and seed-based facial serum was designed to soothe inflammation, redness and puffiness while revitalising the skin and repairing the skin’s natural barrier, especially in ageing skin. It contains cruelty-free, clean, functional ingredients selected by dermatologist and skin allergy expert Dr. Sandy Skotnicki. Orange peel oil infuses the serum with a gentle citrus scent, and also delivers the skin replenishing and enriching benefits of vitamin C. Meadowfoam seed oil acts as an emollient, sealing in moisture and keeping the skin soft and supple, working in tandem with squalane and rose oil to combat inflammation to further nourish the skin. The premium non-cannabinoid formulation is produced by the same manufacturer as premium beauty brands including Le Labo, Byredo and Kiehl’s. All ingredients are vegan, gluten free and animal-cruelty free, as well as free of sulphates, SLS and SLES, parabens, Palm/RSPO, and CDEA.

Since the brand’s launch in fall 2021, MADGE AND MERCER has seen tremendous adoption across the Ontario market with El Alevio currently the bestselling disposable CBD vape pen in Ontario. The brand’s entry into the Alberta market is a key part of the brand’s overall growth strategy, which includes expansion into additional provinces across Canada, followed by international markets. To support these plans, MADGE AND MERCER is diversifying its product range with the anticipated launch of several new products to be released later this year, including a focus on bringing more CBG-focused products to market.


Premium and boutique, MADGE AND MERCER MODERN APOTHECARY custom-formulated, research-based high CBD and micro-dosed THC extracts, edibles and topical products were designed to seamlessly integrate into a woman’s wellness routine and self-care toolkit. Created to exacting specification with precision and batch-to-batch consistency our modern apothecary products were designed with a woman’s needs in mind. @madgeandmercer @madgeandmercer

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