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Are HUXTON Products Sold In Oregon?

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HUXTONArizona-based lifestyle cannabis brand, today announces the expansion of their footprint in the Pacific Northwest. HUXTON products will be available for purchase in select retailers throughout Oregon starting in January 2022. HUXTON’s offerings have been brought to Oregon in partnership with Urban Pharms.

HUXTON is best known for their simplified cannabis offerings available in three unique blends. RISE is a sessionable blend designed to keep you uplifted and productive; HIFI offers a potent ride that combines energy with euphoria; and ZEN is a smooth harmony of relaxation and rejuvenation. Their award-winning pre-rolls and budlet tins will be available for purchase in Oregon in early 2022. Urban Pharms, one of the leading wholesalers in the Oregon market, is licensed to manufacture, distribute and sell HUXTON’s line of cannabis products throughout the state.

“We are a small group of cannabis enthusiasts who believe finding the right high should be simple,” says Chelsea Johnson, Co-Founder of HUXTON. “With its long-standing cannabis history and thriving retail landscape we couldn’t be more excited to bring HUXTON to Oregon.”

HUXTON products were designed to simplify the consumer experience with labeling by effect, instead of plant type. Each product features sustainable, pocket-sized packaging including pre-rolls that come with a custom ashtray and book of matches. Each blend is comprised of hand-selected genetics that provide consumers with a consistent experience. 

HUXTON, a leading experience-based, lifestyle cannabis brand was born in the Arizona desert in 2014 to simplify the buying process by giving consumers more control over their cannabis experience. By creating a set of cannabis products curated and labeled by effect, HUXTON puts control back into the consumer’s hands with cannabis that is designed to complement their individual lifestyle. With discreet and sophisticated packaging that is designed for enthusiasts on-the-go, HUXTON’s experience-based products are available in pre-rolls, flower tins, and vape pens. HUXTON products can be found in ArizonaNevadaWashington and Oregon. To learn more about HUXTON, visit


Source: PRNewswire