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Are Double Bear Live Sauce Cartridges Available In Pennsylvania?

LOCK HAVEN, Pa., July 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Terrapin, a national cannabis company with operations in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, New York and Pennsylvania, today released its highly anticipated Double Bear Live Sauce Cartridges for medical use in Pennsylvania.

“Delivering the convenience of a cartridge — and considerably more flavor and aroma than other oils — our new Double Bear Live Sauce Cartridges offer a ‘flower-like’ medical marijuana experience that is sure to delight patients throughout the Keystone State, whether they’re new to cannabis or a concentrate connoisseur,” said Peter Marcus, Vice President of Communications at Terrapin. “The process of how we create these high-quality cartridges is unique — and honestly super cool. We are proud to answer the call and deliver this highly anticipated — and patient-requested — vape product to the Pennsylvania market. Terrapin is invested in Pennsylvania, so if we can help meet a need in the state’s medical cannabis community, that’s something we want to be involved in.”

The new Double Bear Live Sauce Cartridges will be available in 0.5-gram cartridges at select dispensary locations in Pennsylvania on July 10. Terrapin also has plans to introduce even more concentrated cannabis products throughout the commonwealth in the coming months.

The vaporizable oil form of the Double Bear Live Sauce is created using fresh-frozen cannabis to preserve the plant’s terpenes, cannabinoid content and other “live” properties. While a lot of sauces are made from the same general components, the proprietary Double Bear hydrocarbon extraction process results in a more terpene-rich final product and a more enjoyable vaporizing experience.

“Our incredibly flavorful Double Bear Live Sauce Cartridges have been designed with all processing centering around terpene preservation,” continued Marcus. “We further deliver the rich terpene content by using a strain-specific fresh-frozen base, which produces a magnificent golden-colored decarbed live sauce — with no added distillate, terpenes, filler or boosters. This top-notch new product provides everything people love about flower — the flavor, the terpenes, the cannabinoids — but conveniently packaged in a compact vape.”

Terrapin products are held to the highest standards, and the company continues to offer one of the few vapes in the Pennsylvania market that was not impacted by the massive February 2022 vape recall. Terrapin brand Double Bear uses cannabis-derived terpenes in product development, and Terrapin pioneered the recent Demand Clean Vapes initiative, which advocates for more transparency in cannabis product development and higher-quality products on the market.

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