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Are Celebrity Cannabis Brands Worth The Extra Cost?

If you have been paying attention to the emerging legal cannabis industry then you know that celebrities are flooding the cannabis space these days. Some of the celebrities make sense, being that they were long associated with cannabis before the legal industry existed. Other celebrities are obviously just trying to cash in, and they are fairly easy to spot in that they were never known for being associated with cannabis.

Celebrities in the cannabis space come from all backgrounds, from current and former professional athletes to musicians to television and film stars. Essentially, if someone has any amount of fame outside of cannabis and a cannabis entrepreneur can convince them to collaborate, they are in the cannabis space now or are on their way sooner rather than later.

The cannabis products that celebrities are putting out cover just about every sector and niche in the cannabis space. Some of them focus entirely on CBD products and others have products that include all cannabinoids. Many celebrities started out with deals in Canada due to cannabis being federally legal there, however, they have started to enter into deals with cannabis companies in other areas too, especially in the United States.

Why Do Celebrity Cannabis Brands Cost More Than Non-Celebrity Brands?

A vast majority of celebrity cannabis brands involve an already established cannabis company rebranding one or more of their current products to make it appear like it’s a new product dedicated to the celebrity as part of a licensing deal. When that happens the cannabis company usually adds whatever needed percentage to the current price to pay for the celebrity licensing deal as well as receive their usual profit from the product. This is not always the case, however, it is very common, which is why celebrity products often cost about 15% more than their non-celebrity counterparts.

Some Celebrity Brands May Be Worth The Extra Money

In rare instances celebrity brands actually do involve truly unique products. The best way to determine if that is the case is to research which company is making the celebrity products and see if they ever offered something very similar without the celebrity endorsement. If not, then there’s a decent chance that the product is truly unique and cannot be purchased elsewhere for less than the asking price. Admittedly, it’s a bit of effort, however, it’s worth it if it saves you money.

Be Objective

If you do purchase a celebrity brand, be objective when you are evaluating whether it was worth the extra money or not. After all, there are countless people that cultivate and/or produce products using the same specific cannabis strains. A product containing the Dosidos strain doesn’t magically become better just because a famous person’s name is attached to it.

There are likely cheaper options among non-celebrity brands that are of the same quality and contain the same ‘ingredients.’ With that being said, one would have to assume that a true cannabis-loving celebrity will seek out the best of the best before they attach their name to it and ensure that it’s a product worthy of a higher price. Although, for every one of those quality brands you will likely have to wade through 100+ other celebrity brands in order to separate the true quality from the hype.