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Are CBD/THC Oils Legal In Georgia?

Atlanta, GA: Members of a state-appointed commission advanced new rules and regulations last week overseeing the dispensing of cannabis plant-derived extracts containing low amounts of THC and high amounts of CBD.

Members will still need to finalize the rules with a series of additional votes. However, regulators are hopeful that the commission’s actions may clear the way for the opening of state-licensed dispensaries by this spring.

Under the commission’s plan, two companies will be licensed to open as many as five dispensaries each statewide. Dispensaries will only be permitted to provide qualified extract products to registered patients.

Georgia lawmakers in 2015 passed legislation allowing qualified patients to possess cannabis plant-derived extracts containing CBD and no more than 5 percent THC, but it failed to provide a legal source for CBD/THC products.

In 2021, lawmakers passed additional legislation that sought to permit up to 30 state-licensed retailers of high-CBD/low-THC oil products. However, following the initial selection process, several applicants sued the state – resulting in undue delays in the law’s implementation.

A summary of Georgia’s medical access law is available from NORML.

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